The chronology obsession

Let’s begin by saying I’m not a writer. I’m not a thinker. And if you follow my blog, you pretty well know, I am not a good blogger either.

#Modesty :p

So this one’s a serious one. If you’re here for fun, THOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Over the years (that is excluding the years I though Lesbians were what people from Lebanon were called, which roughly means over the last five years), I have noticed that human beings have some sort of obsession with chronology.

Everything in life, has to be in an order. I mean there are some things that have to follow a chronology, like being born, then growing old before eventually dying. Unless you are THAT guy from the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

But then, why do we need to have an order for everything? Why study first and then go exploring your field?

Why marry first and then decide to have a family? Why not have a family? settle in, then have a marriage?

Why do people have to judge you when you eat your rice with rasam first and then eat sambar/dal during an Andhra meal?

I am sure most of my questions would come across as pretty stupid ones. But that is purely because an order has strictly been put into our head. “This is how the world works and you have no option but to follow it, or we kill you.” *cough cough* Galileo *cough*.

Who are these people who set the rules? Who are these people who force us to live our lives like a proper Rajshree Productions movie?

I don’t want to live it that way. I want it to be like Pulp Fiction. In an order I like and in a way that pleases me. And if it doesn’t please you, then fuck off, because a few years from now, you’ll realise it. But it’ll be too late by then.

PS: This is not a rant. My parents did not force me into engineering. I love what I do. This blog is just because I cannot digest the fact that many people cannot do what they love because of social convention and this entire chronology of life that we’ve created.

#MahLyfMahRulezz :’D


One night’s sleep. YAYY!!

This is the first time I’m blogging so early in the morning. One good reason for that is because after the creation of the blog, this is the first time I’ve had one full night’s sleep.


Usually, I cannot sleep. You know, I’m one of those zombie people. Awake all night. Sleepy all day. Still cannot sleep in the day.

And sometimes I go 3-4 days straight without sleeping, unintentionally.

But not last night. I got a full night’s sleep and this is AWESOME! That’s probably the only reason I’m blogging as soon as I woke up. To express exactly how I feel.

It just feels so abnormal. I mean it’s morning and my head is not feeling heavy, I feel like breakfast. Otherwise it’s hogging all night. :p

Most of all, I don’t feel lazy. This is pretty awesome. I’m sure it’s a one time thing, but it is good. 😀

Hey, stop judging me. It might be nothing extra ordinary for you, but to me, this is an achievement. 😉

Okay, that’s about it!

Later! 😀

Sunshine- Chotu

When sunshine streams between the leafy topped trees

A lone man sits basking in the sun
In the quest for sense and sensibility
He wanders far and wide
Birth, death and rebirth are nothing but the cycles of life
Piece by piece knowledge and wisdom come through trials of ice and fire
Truth, destiny, life and fate are all meaningless yet one and the same
The dry air blows like a lover’s kiss so near and yet so far away
Placing a hand on his bosom, he listens to the rhythmic beat of life
Thud..thud..thud..a beat skipped!
Finally, the time had arrived
A time to enter the garden of life
The time to break free from the shackles that bind his soul
Near to death and so close to life.

Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. :D
Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. 😀

The red in love- it’s Liverpool

So, for the regular readers of my blog- read Abhishek, Neha, Sharma ji :p, Ramyata maybe, Sharat and Aditya- I haven’t blogged in a while. I know, I know, I’m sorry. I deprived you off my excellent blogging skills. :p But not anymore.

So, again, for the regular readers of my blog, which suddenly increased when I started writing about my ahem ahem, yes you know what, I have learnt a few things in life.

EVERYTHING they say about love, it is wrong. Except for one thing. It is red in colour. Fuck yeah they’re right about that. So is LIVERPOOL FC.

Yes, that's my club. :D
Yes, that’s my club. 😀

I have been following football for 8 months now, and I am no expert in the sport. It might take a lifetime to become one. Anyway, because my friend Amrit, who introduced me to the sport (Can never thank you enough buddy), is a Liverpool fan, I started off as one not knowing what being a Kopite actually means.

Eight months down the line, I’m in love with the sport and the club. It is like every player, is one of my family member. And Steven Gerrard, well, just cannot get enough of him. He is outstanding.

Shall see this at the end of the next Champions League season! :D
Shall see this at the end of the next Champions League season! 😀


This one's from last month. Just to screw around with Aditya :p DUDE 3-0 at Old Trafford!! :D
This one’s from last month. Just to screw around with Aditya :p DUDE 3-0 at Old Trafford!! 😀 I love Gerrard! 😀

The more I read, the more I watched, I fell in love with Liverpool. Best part, it will stay for as long as I live and never ever ever (read in Arnab’s Meenakshi Lekhi interview style) leave me. And it keeps telling me ‘You’ll never walk alone’.

Never Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever :p
Never Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever :p

This club, is beyond being a club. It is a family, that accepts you no matter who you are and where you are from. I am no where close to Anfield, but someday I shall be there. I do not know what will happen to me when I reach there. I will leave it for that moment.

Oh I could just die here! :)
Oh I could just die here! 🙂

Now, after being a cricket fan for over 10 years of my life, I repent starting watching football so so soooo late. Yes, I do. Of course, cricket has its own thrills, but football, nothing beats it.

The clubs, the fans, the chants, the passion. Happens just in football.

So this blog is to proclaim my love for the brilliant sport that football is.

For the spirit of the game.

And for the passion with which every fan watches it.

Cheers to you. Cheers to football. And yes, Liverpool FC is the best in the world. 😀 (I get to decide who is the best. It’s my blog! :D)

Faith. Hope. Belief. Support.
Faith. Hope. Belief. Support.


The corporate chewing gum

After 3 attempts of working in a corporate, (all of which ended in a not-so-good manner) I have come to terms with the fact that I can never work in a corporate.

My latest experience was with Now, no offense to the company or what they do, the work isn’t something that one aspires to do. The people were very friendly and yes, I do miss my friends from that place, but then, the work was which led to  my exit from the organisation.

The problem of being in a corporate is the work is very boring. Trust me it is. It is like a chewing gum. The first 2 months at every place are brilliant. This is mostly because you are being ‘trained’ for the work. What is the work? I’ll come to that. 😀

So, you do nothing but sit in an air-conditioned room, listening to a person who tells you how to go about doing your work. Then, he gives you training on how to be, act and behave like an American. Americans, if you read my blog, you should know that in the training, they tells us that each and every one of you are sweet, obese and cranky. And to be successful at the job, we too have to be an American. No, don’t worry, there are enough of us there, we won’t apply for citizenship. By being American, we mean, trying to fake an American accent and terribly failing at it owing to our Indian accent and mindset.

Also, the corporates give you loads and loads of comforts. Making you lazy enough to not adjust anywhere. The comforts include 5-day week, pick up and drop, fake accents, a statement proclaiming that we’re the cool Indians who are above the regular ones, free food, loads of it and of course, the ‘rich culture of America’. It gets better when you get your salary, for enjoying all these benefits and doing nothing.

Look at all these sheep. :p
Look at all these sheep. :p

You wonder why are they paying you so much for doing nothing. Then, the work starts!

This is where it all starts falling apart. “Hello, I’m Richard (Yes that’s my American name), how may I assist you?” When you say this on the first day, you feel every word of it, apart from the pseudo name. :p

This sentence is used at least 40 times a day by a part timer. Initially, the customers’ queries are new, you love talking to them. 7 days into the job. “Hello, I’m Richard. (You start believing you are Richard) How may I help you? (In your head you are saying fuck this shit, why can’t you solve your own problems)”.

“My PC isn’t working.” Me: No problem, I’ll be happy to assist you. (Hell yeah, kiss my ass! I’m not at all happy about this shit.)

After 15 minutes of explaining what Windows is, the customer says “Oh, sorry, it was a mistake from my end. The power was off. It’s working now.”

What the fuck? Seriously? :D
What the fuck? Seriously? 😀

“Oh yes, sometimes that can be an issue (you dumb bitch). Is there anything else I can assist you with? (you rich pig with all the technology at your disposal.)” Sometimes, you feel like you are talking to an ape who knows English and has a lot of technology with him.

I can keep going with this for hours together. I believe you have an understanding of what I mean.

So, two moths into the job, you are frustrated, the pick up feels like a call from hell, the free food feels like peanuts when compared to what you do, and you feel like a jackass in front of the system trying to be someone who you aren’t. This is where corporate feels like a chewing gum you have been chewing for 17 hours. (Yes I’ve tried that).

So all in all, this is what is my understanding of the corporate world, or the corporate chewing gum. 😀

The corporate chewing gum. Looks as good as this when you start. :p
The corporate chewing gum. Looks as good as this when you start. :p

It isn’t okay anymore

Its 3 moths into my internship semester, and I’ve been working for over 2 months now. It is a good feeling this, working and earning, having responsibilities. But then, there are many things that are not okay anymore.

In college, we had to do assignments, but we could skip it, delay it for a day. It was all cool, it isn’t okay anymore. Back then, you had the freedom to screw around with lecturers and get away with it. You were the cool ones then, you could make your point heard. But, once you start working, it isn’t okay anymore.


Back in college, you had the liberties, and most of all, we all carried a self-esteem. Once you start working, you realise having a self-esteem isn’t okay anymore. Your boss is right, you cannot argue with him till you someday, say 5-10 years down the line, take over his post and kick him out. But till then, having self-respect isn’t okay anymore.

Bunking in college just ended in a leave letter and little thrashing from the parents. Not anymore. Every fucking day, you have to be at your work place, to take the humiliation, letting go of your self-esteem, living life-like a dickhead till you reach a good post. You know why? Because having a life isn’t cool after getting a job. :/

But then, after having options in almost everything till 21 years, you find yourself stuck in a place where the concept of fun suddenly goes away from your life. Hah, this must be the exhausted part of me talking, and though you have to give up who you are at your workplace to be the ‘sweet obedient person’ that people think you are, it isn’t really needed here.

So fuck you bitches, this is my blog, this is my space, I will write it however I want and whatever I want. You know why? Because this is my space. And you don’t decide what I do here.

Dear readers, this is more of sulking than writing, can’t help it. This transformation in life is tough to accept and people are just making it tougher. Lets hope this ends soon.

Jai Hind. Liverpool is the best. Fuck yeah! 😀

Reading down my blog

I, after watching almost all kinds of cricket videos on YouTube, reading about the weirdest of things possible (including how to kill an anaconda using coffee beans) and watching over 4 seasons of Breaking Bad in three days, finally came to a conclusion, that there is nothing left to do. Well, if there’s nothing left to do, then what do I do? Scooby doo be doo? What the hell is wrong with me!

Not deviating from the topic, I decided to read my own blog, from the ‘Incognito’ window of Google Chrome. This was for two reasons. One, if someone used my PC, I do not want them to see my own blog’s links in the history. That would be bad, right?! Secondly, I wanted to increase the hits on my blog. :p Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

So anyway, I was reading my own blog. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I figured out, what a pathetic writer I was! not that I’m any good now, but back then, I was horrible. In fact, with every blog on the list moving to an older date, my writing skills worsened. No wonder I’m the only one who reads my own blog. Thank god wordpress doesn’t read the stuff you publish. If they did, my blog would’ve been blocked on humanitarian grounds, this particular post being the icing on the cake. 😀

I do not know which way to look at it, neither do I know the purpose of this post (very much like all my other posts). But since I’m the only one who reads it, HOW DOES IT EVEN MATTER? :p


And by the way, Liverpool is the best. You’ll never walk Alone! 😀 I’m still wondering, why I added that in this post.