It isn’t okay anymore

Its 3 moths into my internship semester, and I’ve been working for over 2 months now. It is a good feeling this, working and earning, having responsibilities. But then, there are many things that are not okay anymore.

In college, we had to do assignments, but we could skip it, delay it for a day. It was all cool, it isn’t okay anymore. Back then, you had the freedom to screw around with lecturers and get away with it. You were the cool ones then, you could make your point heard. But, once you start working, it isn’t okay anymore.


Back in college, you had the liberties, and most of all, we all carried a self-esteem. Once you start working, you realise having a self-esteem isn’t okay anymore. Your boss is right, you cannot argue with him till you someday, say 5-10 years down the line, take over his post and kick him out. But till then, having self-respect isn’t okay anymore.

Bunking in college just ended in a leave letter and little thrashing from the parents. Not anymore. Every fucking day, you have to be at your work place, to take the humiliation, letting go of your self-esteem, living life-like a dickhead till you reach a good post. You know why? Because having a life isn’t cool after getting a job. :/

But then, after having options in almost everything till 21 years, you find yourself stuck in a place where the concept of fun suddenly goes away from your life. Hah, this must be the exhausted part of me talking, and though you have to give up who you are at your workplace to be the ‘sweet obedient person’ that people think you are, it isn’t really needed here.

So fuck you bitches, this is my blog, this is my space, I will write it however I want and whatever I want. You know why? Because this is my space. And you don’t decide what I do here.

Dear readers, this is more of sulking than writing, can’t help it. This transformation in life is tough to accept and people are just making it tougher. Lets hope this ends soon.

Jai Hind. Liverpool is the best. Fuck yeah! 😀

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