The chronology obsession

Let’s begin by saying I’m not a writer. I’m not a thinker. And if you follow my blog, you pretty well know, I am not a good blogger either.

#Modesty :p

So this one’s a serious one. If you’re here for fun, THOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Over the years (that is excluding the years I though Lesbians were what people from Lebanon were called, which roughly means over the last five years), I have noticed that human beings have some sort of obsession with chronology.

Everything in life, has to be in an order. I mean there are some things that have to follow a chronology, like being born, then growing old before eventually dying. Unless you are THAT guy from the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

But then, why do we need to have an order for everything? Why study first and then go exploring your field?

Why marry first and then decide to have a family? Why not have a family? settle in, then have a marriage?

Why do people have to judge you when you eat your rice with rasam first and then eat sambar/dal during an Andhra meal?

I am sure most of my questions would come across as pretty stupid ones. But that is purely because an order has strictly been put into our head. “This is how the world works and you have no option but to follow it, or we kill you.” *cough cough* Galileo *cough*.

Who are these people who set the rules? Who are these people who force us to live our lives like a proper Rajshree Productions movie?

I don’t want to live it that way. I want it to be like Pulp Fiction. In an order I like and in a way that pleases me. And if it doesn’t please you, then fuck off, because a few years from now, you’ll realise it. But it’ll be too late by then.

PS: This is not a rant. My parents did not force me into engineering. I love what I do. This blog is just because I cannot digest the fact that many people cannot do what they love because of social convention and this entire chronology of life that we’ve created.

#MahLyfMahRulezz :’D


Sometimes I wish I was a Panda.

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

I’d be shipped off from my home, far far away to Uganda.

Where I’d probably meet a female panda named Amanda.

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

Why the fuck are they so so happy? :o
Why the fuck are they so so happy? 😮

All I’d eat, is a lot of hay.

All people would love me: straight, bisexual or gay.

Far far away from the world’s propaganda,

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

Though I weigh like one,

a Panda is way beyond just the weight.

In the hope of fitness I wander,

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

I’d love to be in a Chinese zoo,

where it’s all black and white, and I don’t feel blue.

I’d feel like I’m probably living in a tanda?*

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

*When I say tanda, it is a slang for a tribal village. It’s not a Malayali trying to say cold in Hindi.


One night’s sleep. YAYY!!

This is the first time I’m blogging so early in the morning. One good reason for that is because after the creation of the blog, this is the first time I’ve had one full night’s sleep.


Usually, I cannot sleep. You know, I’m one of those zombie people. Awake all night. Sleepy all day. Still cannot sleep in the day.

And sometimes I go 3-4 days straight without sleeping, unintentionally.

But not last night. I got a full night’s sleep and this is AWESOME! That’s probably the only reason I’m blogging as soon as I woke up. To express exactly how I feel.

It just feels so abnormal. I mean it’s morning and my head is not feeling heavy, I feel like breakfast. Otherwise it’s hogging all night. :p

Most of all, I don’t feel lazy. This is pretty awesome. I’m sure it’s a one time thing, but it is good. 😀

Hey, stop judging me. It might be nothing extra ordinary for you, but to me, this is an achievement. 😉

Okay, that’s about it!

Later! 😀

Confessions of a Biryani-holic

Yello! The blogger is back! looks like I have been on a blogging spree off late with the rate of one blog a day!! (Applause) Thanks for all the support you’ve given me. Well one reason i have been blogging is because, i haven’t been eating. yes, you heard that right! I am a big time foodie, and to shed some pounds I have been dieting. Yeah, you that right as well!!

The world is a different world for different people. And for a foodie like me, it is all about food. From the changing of the traffic signal, to filling fuel in my bike, anything can remind me of food, and to curb that urge to eat, let me tell you, it is a tough task. What has made things worse for me is that I stay in Hyderabad! No, it has nothing to do with the Owaisis or the Talangana Bandhs, I meant, who, possibly who on earth can live in the biryani capital of the world and resist eating it?!

The typical Hyderabadi Biryani
The typical Hyderabadi Biryani

I am! and it’s not easy. I am very fond of the Biryani at ‘Pride of Hyderabad’ which I believe serves the best Biryani in the city.

The Bharatnager Branch of Pride, The one that i was talking about is the one i Trimulgherry.
The Bharatnager Branch of Pride, The one that i was talking about is the one i Trimulgherry.

This is one place that i have to cross on my way to office. Every time I pass through the place, it makes me nostalgic, Thoughts of me hogging  Chicken, Mutton, Prawns biryani cross my mind, and I almost break into tears! 😀 Hard to believe? i know!

The madness doesn’t end here. At times, i stood outside the hotel (which looked like Mecca to me) for roughly half hour before the watchman got suspicious and chased me out of there.  I wish there was a device that could keep me slim despite eating loads and loads of Biryani. IITans, get to work! 😉

I know to may of you it might sound very stupid, but ask a foodie like me, how much it takes to keep away from food, when it keeps calling you always. (Biryani and Haleem in particular).

The Hyderabadi Haleem!
The Hyderabadi Haleem!