Sunshine- Chotu

When sunshine streams between the leafy topped trees

A lone man sits basking in the sun
In the quest for sense and sensibility
He wanders far and wide
Birth, death and rebirth are nothing but the cycles of life
Piece by piece knowledge and wisdom come through trials of ice and fire
Truth, destiny, life and fate are all meaningless yet one and the same
The dry air blows like a lover’s kiss so near and yet so far away
Placing a hand on his bosom, he listens to the rhythmic beat of life
Thud..thud..thud..a beat skipped!
Finally, the time had arrived
A time to enter the garden of life
The time to break free from the shackles that bind his soul
Near to death and so close to life.

Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. :D
Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. 😀

The long winter night

The long winter night,

where nothing feels right,

there’s no hope, its just fright,

in the long winter night.

You fight it with all your might,

your thoughts, they smite,

You are an unlucky wight,

Stuck in this long winter night.

You want to let go and see the morning sun,

you don’t want to fear, and wish to end the mad run,

You sleep in the darkness, your thoughts, they bite,

And there seems to be no end, to the long winter night.

The colors are long gone,

it’s all black and white.

Your head becomes numb,

as you succumb to the long winter night.


Your lost in the wilderness,

and no end seems to be in sight.

You got no where to go, no one to fight,

in the long winter night, in the long winter night.

Somewhere deep down,

you know it will be right.

There will be no misery and everything will be right,

when there’s no where to run, and no one to fight,

you know it is the end, of the long winter night.