Did we need all this?

In the darkness of the night, my mind looms.

It goes places, it imagines things. It gives me a few answers in return for more questions.

One question that hit me recently, was ‘Did we really need all this?’

I’m sure there was a time, long long long long long ago, where none of this existed. The houses we live in, the buses we travel in or the computer I’m blogging from.

All that was there was our mother, the nature, and us.

I’m sure we lived in harmony. Till some son of a bitch decided to make fire.

Okay, maybe, fire was important. We could have stopped there? Nope.

Let’s use this to make new shit. Little did he know that he was creating a monster. A monster, so big and stupid, that it would engulf it’s own mother some day.

Look around you. You think we human beings were meant to live this way? In these houses?

I don’t think so.

We belong out in the wild. Because the wild is just a philosophy created by us to stop ourselves from being who we really are.

Try going to a river, or a forest, some day. Away from the hustle bustle of a city.

Somewhere, where you have fresh air to breathe and green grass to sleep. Let nature take you, for a day. You’ll realise what we’re doing is wrong. What is happening around the world is wrong. Everything, everything that we’re doing, is so completely wrong.

We’ve bound ourselves to useless things. Education, Jobs, Society blah blah blah. You think this is good?

If so, why is everything falling apart? Why do we have so so many new diseases? Why is there global warming? Why are species going extinct? Why is there so much wrong in the world? Why? Just why?


We, as human beings, fucked up. Big time.

Sadly, it is too late to repair it.

But there is nothing wrong in questioning yourself. Were we right in doing this to the planet that raised us?

Did we need all this?