Online shopping- An addiction of its kind

Online shopping, since its inception has turned the world up-side-down (atleast in my case). I was never a person who was into shopping, lungs in my air and loads of food in my stomach was more than enough to keep me going. Then, I joined a job, got some cash on my debit card, and came across a thing called online shopping, on which I have wasted more than 70 percent of my 6 months salary! Strange isn’t it?!

The flipkart Monster! Not that i dont like it, just that i am spending too much money on it!
The flipkart Monster! Not that i dont like it, just that i am spending too much money on it!

It’s become very weird for my friends. A guy who normally never spoke anything apart from food and porn at times, has now started talking about online deals. Often, this has led to awkward straight-face encounters with my friends.

It’s amazing how these people trick you! The reason you shop is because you do not have to go outside, waste time and shop. It is available (as they say for anything and everything related to the computer) at just a CLICK! 😀

You are going through random websites, you come across an advertisement that is giving you headphones at a 20 percent discount. These discount boards on the road do not affect you much, but they play havoc on the system. Suddenly you realize that a need for getting those headphones is created in you. (Despite have 4 pairs already). You also realize subsequently that you have money in you account. Bang Bang bidum bum bhush! You buy them!

Monster number 2 :p
Monster number 2 :p

A peaceful day where you were at home, browsing the net with no intentions of spending your money, you end up spending it. This is what online shopping is all about!


Acting isn’t great shakes, but moves perfect! (ABCD review)

Well, if you thought Indians imported only Pizzas and Burgers from the west, you got that wrong. Off late, we have started importing the dance culture as well and ‘ABCD’ stands as a prime example of that. The movie is about a dance teacher called Shiva (Prabhudeva) who has to back out from a leading dance school owing to ideological clashes with the owner named Jahangir (KK Menon).

Post-split up with Jahangir, Shiva reaches out for an old friend (Ganesh Acharya) and meets a bunch of youngsters who are passionate about dance. Shiva decides to revive his lost glory by training the youngsters to participate in a dance show called ‘Dance Dil se’. The dance crew, from here, goes though many crests and troughs before taking on the Jahangir’s group in the grand finale.

A still from the Hollywood flick Step up.
A still from the Hollywood flick Step up.

The story, a complete rip off of Hollywood’s ‘Step Up’, with an India tadka to it, is pretty mediocre. Remo D’souza failed to learn lessons from his previous flick ‘FALTU’ and stuck to a very predictable storyline. The message of ‘Dance is life’ fails to strike rights chords with everyone.

The biggest undoing of the film is the performances of the lead cast and it was on the expected lines since most of them are contestants from dance reality shows. Every time you thought you are starting to like the film, Prabhudeva jumps in with his typically ‘LollaKutty Hindi accent’. This adds an element of unintended comedy to the film, even in the most serious parts. The only shining beacon of the film in terms of acting was KK Menon, who does more than his bit to the role.

The biggest positive of the film are the well-choreographed dance sequences. Well, that’s bound to happen when the cream of the country’s dance industry is put together in one single film. From the concepts of dance, to the execution, you could not locate a single error.

Also, what gave another angle to the dances was the constant use of Maharashtra’s favourite, Lord Ganpati. Whenever the chips are down, the Elephant God descends into the dance of the participants to save them. But the icing on the cake was the guest appearance of Saroj Khan towards the end.

The poster of ABCD.
The poster of ABCD.

Talking about music, where there’s good dance, good music follows, and the film scores over here. Brilliant background score and amazing songs compliment the dance sequences very well. Music directors, Sachin-Jigar, manage to leave the crowds humming the tunes of ‘Psycho re’ and ‘Be zubaan’ even after they vacate the screens.

On the whole, it’s a must watch film if you are a dance lover, and for the others, it’s a good one time watch.

The Big Bang Effect

Hello there, my dieting is still on, and i still am blogging. I don’t believe i completed a week!! Hurrayy!! (Party poppers, fire  crackers, trumpets drums etc etc) Today, I am gonna talk about the effects of a SITCOM on me.

Now, for people who know me, this might look like a desperate attempt to gain attention, but frankly, I have started watching Big Bang Theory off late (read 2 nights back) and I am totally loving it. And, in this particular blog I am going to talk about what i thought about the three seasons i watched.

Firstly, Penny, You’re Adorable, and Sheldon, you’re awesome! 😀

As cute as ever!
As cute as ever!Dr Sheldon Cooper
Dr Sheldon Cooper

The show, as most of you’ll reading my blog would know, is about four friends, and a super cute bimbo. And Watching it for two straight nights, has kind of gotten on my head. Initially, i was reluctant to watch it, and even when i did, i thought it was a lame show. (Stop cursing me BBT lovers and keep reading)

Then, a friend of mine suggested me to watch it with a rational mindset. Guess what?..  it worked! 😀 The show after the first two episodes felt good and Sheldon Cooper, god, he’s awesome. Slowly, it crept so deep into me, that I ended up watching three seasons straight and boy, wasn’t that fun!


Now, i know there’s nothing creative in this blog, and I also do know that it is written in a very disorganised manner, but still, I had to tell it to someone. And telling my friends that i started watching the show would make me look like i am from the primitive era. Hence, i shared it on my blog, because i am so very sure that no one reads it! 😀

Sporting a Kurta!

This blog is completely based on a true story, any fiction in this is purely meant to spice it up, as just the truth would put you to sleep. phew, I have a disclaimer for everything in do after the Kamal Hassan controversy. :p

Kurtas were, and i believe they still are one of those very few traditional Indian attires that still look good and easily fit into a modern day kiddos wardrobe  These things have been around for a really long time. I always wanted to buy one, and i eventually did buy one. But yeah, thanks to our over cool generation, it took me a lot of time to convince myself to wear it to college.

But surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as i thought. Hardly anyone noticed! (Well that could probably be because no one gives a shit to me in college) but still, it wasn’t getting me those odd looks from my cold-as-the-north-pole cool classmates. More over, it gave me (or what i believe it did) a very classic journalist look. 😀

I so not understand why Kurtas are not the favorite attire of youngsters these days. In fact, sporting a kurta has many things good for you.

Don't go by the model in the picture, He's gay! :D
Don’t go by the model in the picture, He’s gay! 😀

The first thing is that is gives you a distinct identity. This is for the attentions seekers.

Second is that it is ultra comfortable. Trust me, if you a long day ahead, this is the most comfortable thing that you can wear.

Third, it covers up your extra junk! Yes it’s true! no dieting, no gym, no medicines, just a Kurta to get rid of your old fat look.

Fourth fifth sixth? yeah right! it’s a Kurta, not an ACNE product from the road runner show.

Coming back to the point, if you’re looking for atleast one of the above things, then trust me, don’t waste time, just go and get your kurta!

Confessions of a Biryani-holic

Yello! The blogger is back! looks like I have been on a blogging spree off late with the rate of one blog a day!! (Applause) Thanks for all the support you’ve given me. Well one reason i have been blogging is because, i haven’t been eating. yes, you heard that right! I am a big time foodie, and to shed some pounds I have been dieting. Yeah, you that right as well!!

The world is a different world for different people. And for a foodie like me, it is all about food. From the changing of the traffic signal, to filling fuel in my bike, anything can remind me of food, and to curb that urge to eat, let me tell you, it is a tough task. What has made things worse for me is that I stay in Hyderabad! No, it has nothing to do with the Owaisis or the Talangana Bandhs, I meant, who, possibly who on earth can live in the biryani capital of the world and resist eating it?!

The typical Hyderabadi Biryani
The typical Hyderabadi Biryani

I am! and it’s not easy. I am very fond of the Biryani at ‘Pride of Hyderabad’ which I believe serves the best Biryani in the city.

The Bharatnager Branch of Pride, The one that i was talking about is the one i Trimulgherry.
The Bharatnager Branch of Pride, The one that i was talking about is the one i Trimulgherry.

This is one place that i have to cross on my way to office. Every time I pass through the place, it makes me nostalgic, Thoughts of me hogging  Chicken, Mutton, Prawns biryani cross my mind, and I almost break into tears! 😀 Hard to believe? i know!

The madness doesn’t end here. At times, i stood outside the hotel (which looked like Mecca to me) for roughly half hour before the watchman got suspicious and chased me out of there.  I wish there was a device that could keep me slim despite eating loads and loads of Biryani. IITans, get to work! 😉

I know to may of you it might sound very stupid, but ask a foodie like me, how much it takes to keep away from food, when it keeps calling you always. (Biryani and Haleem in particular).

The Hyderabadi Haleem!
The Hyderabadi Haleem!