That little doubt – Rhyming it together

On the darkest of nights, the mind lingers.

As you scroll through Youtube, listening to your favourite singers.

It’s when that one song, that one lyric hits you,

And nothing around you, nothing that you’ve been living with, feels true.

In the darkness of the night with mosquitoes that love to bite,

You stare through your window, looking for some ray of hope, some light.

As the clock ticks by, you realise.

That the life you’ve been living is of a pauper, it’s nothing close to your dreamy king size.

Where has the child gone? why doesn’t he dream any more?

Is that it? Has he fallen prey to the system and become its whore?

As the mind battles with the heart, the narcotics wear out.

And all that’s left in his head, is that little doubt.


Sunshine- Chotu

When sunshine streams between the leafy topped trees

A lone man sits basking in the sun
In the quest for sense and sensibility
He wanders far and wide
Birth, death and rebirth are nothing but the cycles of life
Piece by piece knowledge and wisdom come through trials of ice and fire
Truth, destiny, life and fate are all meaningless yet one and the same
The dry air blows like a lover’s kiss so near and yet so far away
Placing a hand on his bosom, he listens to the rhythmic beat of life
Thud..thud..thud..a beat skipped!
Finally, the time had arrived
A time to enter the garden of life
The time to break free from the shackles that bind his soul
Near to death and so close to life.

Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. :D
Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. 😀