Men aren’t the enemy

‘Feminists look away now!’

You didn’t, did you? I’m sure most of you’ll went, ‘Why should a man tell me what to do?’

Well if you’re one of them, you are a part of the problem. And I’ll tell you why.

I hail from a family of strong independent men. Men who never hit their wives. Men who never hit their children. Men who never accepted dowry. Call it tradition or genetics, this was passed on to me.

Me, like all men of my family believe that women can do whatever they want to. And the right to do so isn’t ours to give them. It has been, is, will always be their call. By means of this explanation, I assume I am not a chauvinist. Neither are any other men in my family.

But my inhibitions were soon shattered. Because I’ll tell you what, the main problem is with this new sect of ‘women rights activists’ who will cry foul and play the victim card at any given time. Who will call me a sexist for calling my best friend, who is also a man, a bitch in good fun. Who will take offense on songs like ‘Balam Pichkari’ and say shit like the song is a symbol of male dominance because that is what ‘pichkari’ means.

These women will never travel to a village to help the poorer women. These women will stand up and shout slogans against men while demeaning house wives for what they’re doing. These women will sit in their upper middle class to very fucken rich houses and cry death to men, while having made sure their husband got a BMW as a ‘present for marriage’ and ‘not dowry’. That’s like saying ‘hey I got raped but it wasn’t rape because I was in the mood for sex anyway.’

And this class of women aren’t alone. They are backed by the new age rich men who have studied in Harvard/Oxford/My Father is pretty loaded institute of pretentiousness/IIMs (for low self esteem people). These guys come up with black and white videos on  any event related to women and give statements like ‘We are sorry, women. On behalf of all the men, we accept everything wrong with you is our fault’ while a sad tone plays on the piano in the background.

Really? I get it, the stars do it for becoming famous, but at the cost of feeding this bull shit to a generation of youngsters who at one point were certain Roadies was the best they could do in life? Is your need to be cool really worth all of this?

Tell you what, your form feminism is a failed ideology. It will never get close to even understanding the problem, let alone solving it and making the world a better place to live in.

This is how stupid you sound.

The real problem is the system, not men. Right now you must be thinking ‘but it was men that created the rules’, hold on to that thought. It was women who backed it.

It is generally the mother in law that has an issue with the daughter in law taking up a job. It is generally the mother who has an issue with her daughter wearing small clothes. People say shit like menstruating women should not be allowed into the temples, it is the women who stop each other. If you’ll were really that righteous as you’ll claim to be, you’ll would have just carried on and done it anyway and before anyone could notice, the practice would have vanished. But no. And who is to blame for this? MEN?

I know the above is an over simplification of women’s issues and it doesn’t go to explain what the real issue is. Guess what ladies, that’s how shallow and stupid your version of feminism sounds.

I’m not denying there are asshole men in the world. But I believe it is time women understood that it isn’t men alone that are causing the entire inequality charade. Women are equally to be blamed for this. It is the system which is faulting women, it is the system which is pushing them back again and again. And if this modern day fuck all version of feminism is your answer to it, then good luck fighting for it till the end of the world because nothing’s going to change with this.

The only way change is possible when women accept the fact that men aren’t the enemy. The system is. And together we can overthrow it.