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Here goes my first short film on the web. As you all know (if you follow my blog) how am passionate about films, taking this film to completion was like one of the most amazing and memorable experiences ever. Like every film-maker, I am scared and nervous but at the same time – so, very excited.
I haven’t been blogging for sometime and not been able to check you wonderful people’s blogs. I will get back soon I hope. DO let me know what you think – it matters. Thank you and have a great day 🙂

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Punjabi fuel in a lost car (Mere Dad ki Maruti review)

Cast: Ram Kapoor, Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty, Prabal Panjabi, Ravi Kishan

Director: Ashima Chibber   Music: Sachin Gupta

Thumbs up: Cast, Story, Music   Thumbs down: Nil   Rating: 3/5

Mere dad ki Maruthi is a rib tickling film that just doesn’t let your cheek bones relax for a bit. If the term ‘all smiles’ was to be given a synonym, then I am pretty sure it could be named after this film. It is a story about a lost car, that explains us why exactly ‘Punabiya di battery charge rehendi hai’.

Tej Khullar (Ram Kapoor) is a jolly good Punjabi living in Chandigarh. His daughter is about to get married in a week and so he buys her a Maruti Ertiga as a wedding present. Tej’s son, Sameer Khullar (Saqib Saleem), is the most ‘vella’ person in town and the only thing he does well is screwing up. He meets Jasmeet (Rhea Chakraborty) who likes being addressed with an extra ‘zzz’ in her name and uses ‘Psychic’ instead of ‘Psycho’. In order to impress her, he sneaks out with his dad’s new Maruthi and after a long romantic and fun filled evening, looses it.

This guy is talented!
This guy is talented!

The rest of the story is about how he tries to get back his dad’s lost car and in the process, ends up being chased by the police and a Pathan (Ravi Kishan) who is a car mafia. The film goes through a lot of twists and turns till the day of the marriage when the car is supposed to be gifted. Do they find the car? Well you have to watch it yourself to know the answer.

The film has a cast that suits all the characters perfectly. Ram Kapoor of course is like the icing on the cake, or shall we say the ‘nimbu’ on the ‘chicken tandoori’. He plays his role to perfection, and keeps the audience hooked to their chair. Saqib Saleem shows great promise for the future, and Rhea does complete justice to her role of a bubbly Punjabi girl.

The music has already created a buzz in the market and it just adds to the feel of the film. The story was kept short and simple and wasn’t dragged even a bit. If you are an art film love, then this is not the kind of film you’ll die to watch. But if you’re looking for some entertainment and loads of laughter, Eureka! You have your answer.

The only drawback was that a lot of Punjabi slang is used in the film which might hit its universal appeal. But all in all, it is one hell of a film and I will go with a generous 3 rating for Amisha Chibber’s Mere Dad ki Maruti.

A ‘3G’ network that doesn’t connect

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan

Director: Shantanu and Sheershak

Rating: 1 star

A guy with limited means who is has loads of money to spend vacations in Fiji, a hot girl who likes showing off her body, abrupt cuts, unnecessary songs, an unbranded phone that keeps ringing all the time and background music that is out of place is what summarises duo-directors Shantanu and Sheershak’s two-hour long film, 3G.

The story revolves around the life of a guy named Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and his girlfriend Sheena (Sonal Chauhan). Both of them are out spending a nice little holiday in Fiji when Sam loses his phone and wants to buy another one. He picks up a second hand phone from a local shop and that’s where the problems start kicking in.

The phone starts ringing in the night and a video of a girl starts playing. After this,
Sam starts sighting ghosts and hears loud noises out of nowhere. Bewildered by this, he tries to get help from his girlfriend Sheena, who thinks all this is just a prank and prefers ignoring it.

The calls keep coming and this time with a different video clipping that shows an unknown girl being beaten up and eventually getting killed. As all this is happening, Sam starts changing. Every time the phone rings, the innocent and caring Sam turns into a stud that smokes and applies mascara to give the abnormal look. The director picks up many sequences from the Hollywood flick ‘Paranormal activity’ and uses them to no effect.

The poster looks more interesting!
The poster looks more interesting!

Sam tries to get rid of the phone in every way possible. But some loyal and sincere person brings back the phone for him. I don’t know if it helped the plot of the film, but it certainly has done a lot to lift the image of Fiji, with so many innocent souls around.

The phone becomes a part of Sam’s life and the calls from the unknown number keep flowing. Frustrated with all these problems, Sam decides to get to the previous owner of the shop. The second half of the film gets even more disappointing with the introduction of the ‘Goth cult’ and ancient Greek tattoos. Sam, in his quest to find the owner of the phone, has to battle the changes that occur in him every time the phone rings.

The ringtone of the phone is intended to scare the audience; instead it ends up giving all of us a very bad headache. The quest, after loads of twists and turns (which are mostly ineffective), leads to an answer on who the girl in the video is. What happens next is very predictable and we would not like spoil the fun for you (if there is any).

The plot of the film is undoubtedly the worst this year, and I am sure it will cling on to this title for many years to come. The random cuts are very irritating and are capable of throwing the most patient film viewer out of track. The directors tried to adapt a ‘hit-hit’ formula for the film by throwing songs at foreign locations, a hot heroine and many love making scenes. But it is a complete disaster when it comes to the arrangement of these scenes.

The Goth cult and the Greek symbols are not at all connected to the story and the songs aren’t that great. The actors did a decent job. While Neil Nitin Mukesh tries his best to give us an Indian Edward Cullen, Sonal Chauhan also plays the part of a terrified girlfriend very well.

The concept is a very good one but the script fails to do justice to it. The only thing that is worth watching in the film is the locations. Fiji is a beautiful country and this film might help them pick up on some tourist business from India.

This film does not have enough to keep you sitting for 2 long hours. I will go for a 1 star for this 3G network that fails to connect.

Thumbs up: Locations, acting to an extent

Thumbs down: Everything apart from locations and acting

A Doomsday clock

Off late, I have been fascinated to the idea of a nuclear holocaust. All I am thinking of all day is, what happens if a nuclear was actually breaks out?!

Just yesterday, I read an article on the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Damn, we were so close to the end of the world. While we don’t even realize, so many things keep happening around us. We all know that nuclear weapons are a threat. But ever imagined? What if a nut head gets to it and just blows it off. It wouldn’t take long for the war to spread across the entire world.

This is how it looks!
This is how it looks!

It would be the most horrific war, with the maximum loss of human life (read the entire human civilization) and yet, it would be the shortest of the three world wars!

Anyway, while reading about all these theories and cooking up some on in my head, I stumbled upon something called a Doomsday clock. Trust me it can freak you out! This clock is not an actual clock. Infact, this is an idea developed by some American university. Based on the changing scenarios of the world, the cover page of this university’s research gives an approximate idea of how far doomsday is. It started off with 5 minutes to midnight (which here refers to doomsday) and recorded 17 minutes in 1991. Whose ever idea it was, it was brilliant!


The people at the university change it every time they feel there is a change in the world policies.
The people at the university change it every time they feel there is a change in the world policies.

Here’s the link to the wiki page of this doomsday clock. Hope you find it interesting.

Dance ‘battles’- ROFLMAO

Not even the two world wars put together have done as much damage to the world as this stupid ‘Step Up series’ has done. It’s weird when I see people in the kiosk of my canteen dancing aimlessly.

The scene looks very funny. Let me try and give you an idea of how it all looks. There is a group of people who stand in a circle, and are clapping rigorously for reasons unknown to majority of mankind. Then, right in the center of the circle is a person who is jumping, trying to stand on his head, or a hand, or is trying to act like a ‘nigga’ which I am sure he is not! Then suddenly there a loud cheer that comes out from the group. The achievement is that the person successfully jumped, in a manner which is considered to be ‘cool’, ‘sexy’ and ‘awesome’ at the same time.

Yeah, something like this! :D
Yeah, something like this! 😀

This is taken to the next level when people from two different groups have sent in one goat each for a so called battle. This definition of battle by the niggas has I am sure left some great emperors rolling in their grave.

Phew! What is wrong with the world?! Or rather is something wrong with me?! Who cares? Its my blog. I am the judge, the verdict is they’re wrong. Case dismissed! 😀