The mad dog theory

I’ve heard about The Big Bang Theory. What on earth is the mad dog theory? Calm down, calm down. Do not get agitated. I will explain.

The mad dog theory is about mad dogs. Duh!

Well, dogs are lovely animals. I am very fond of dogs. I love them. My parents love them in limited numbers. So everytime I ask them if I can get one, they very politely tell me that they have one in me and do not need more. :/

Okay no, this post isn’t about my love for dogs.

The dogs, they seem pretty normal, from the outside. All day, they just screw around here and there doing nothing. But they all, trust me, they all go MAD in the night.

This is how they are in the day. 'We don't give a fuck nigga' attitude. :D
This is how they are in the day. ‘We don’t give a fuck nigga’ attitude. 😀

My work timings are a little screwed up. My work goes on till say 12 am or so, and when I return home, there are dogs all the way to welcome me. Thank you Secunderabad Cantonment Board for not taking care of these animals.

Let me describe it for you.

Silence everywhere. Just the sound of my bike. And one earphone plugged in playing Pink Floyd mostly. That’s my ‘when I’m travelling back home’ band. Yes I have such things. :p

I see a group of dogs up ahead.

They’re just lazying around. I am just travelling. We’re ignoring each other. The same way you ignore your ex. :p I had to bring that up didn’t I? :p

Suddenly, the dog realises I am coming. I realise that the dog has realised that I am coming.

I am still ignoring the dogs. But the dogs, well they aren’t ignoring me anymore. They’re looking at me like I owe them money or something.

Yes, that's the look. The on that the black dog has.
Yes, that’s the look. The on that the black dog has.

‘Beeeehaaooouiuww!’ says the dog and all the eight mother fucken assholes start running behind my bike.

Now mind you all this is happening is a matter of seconds. The basterds run after me. Till they think its all cool. Then there is a next set of dogs. And it doesn’t stop until I reach home.


But it ain’t over yet! 😀


So I wanted to get rid of this shit. So what I do now is when the dogs chase me, i stop the bike and take me bike towards them. So almost every night, I end up chasing the dogs.

The secret is, I don’t think they know I will freak out if they chase me back. :p Lets keep it that way.

Lesson learnt: Make your enemy believe you are stronger. Because the day he figures out you aren’t, you’re fucked.

Lol, just kidding, the lesson learnt is every time you’re bored, you can blog and annoy people. :p



Let me tell you, I always wanted to be an insomniac. So I started fucking around with my sleep timings. And after three months of doing that, now I am an insomniac. Trust me, it sucks!

You think you are sleeping. You aren’t. Instead you are just closing your eyes and thinking you are sleeping. You do that for a while, and then you give up. You stare at the roof. You stare at it for hours together. You see weird patterns. And after almost 3 hours, you check your phone to see what time it is. It’s just been ten minutes. There’s still the entire night to go.

You try to keep your mind empty. You cannot. Instead, all the screwed up things come to you. You try to avoid thinking about them. But they are bitches. The harder you push them away, the more they get to you. So you give in. You revisit all the times you screwed up. If shit is going on in your life, it just adds to it. You are frozen in time, waiting for someone to come and tell you it will be okay. No one comes.

You are sleepy, you feel drowsy, but you cannot sleep. Try to go online. Do something on Facebook. But for how long can you do that?! At times, I sit in front of my computer. Just staring at the screen. Waiting for sleep to come. Time passes by and the screen times out. I move the mouse, I sit till the next time out. That’s all you do.

You feel like a zombie, retarded thoughts enter your head. You have no clue what to do, how to stop them and go to sleep. You look at the clock, its just 3 am, there’s hours more to go before the sun is out.

So you go back to staring at the roof. Frustration creeps in. You want to talk, to someone. Anyone. But you realise there’s no one for you. You are all alone. This continues till you know it is morning. You are ready for another sick day of your life. And this shit never ends.

I regret doing this to myself. Like a few other things that haunt me now. But it can’t be repaired. I suffer in silence.

PS: Insomnia sucks. Never bring in on to yourself.

It’s that simple. Huh!

Trust. It is a very big word. Not many understand what it means till they actually trust someone. And when it breaks, huh, you never have anymore left to trust anyone ever again.

You believe, you’ve found that one special person. That one, who you think you can spend your entire life with.

Yes, the happily ever after thingy.

You give them your all. Your heart, your soul. You TRUST them. You open your life to them.

You make them a part of you. Every beat, every breath, you may not think of them, but they are there. Somewhere in the back of your head.

If you’re low, they console you. If you’re high, well they get you home. :p Nah kidding, if you’re high, they celebrate with you.

You do the same. Anything, to bring a smile.

All of a sudden, there are cracks. Some problems, like always.

And you get the whole ‘I don’t think I love you anymore’ shit.

Deep down, you break into a million power million pieces.

Insecurity creeps in. Whatever happened to rational thinking there. You go bizzerk.

Like the drowning man, who will do anything to keep himself alive.

But nope. She has decided. You aren’t the one. 😀

WOW! FUCKEN AWESOME! Isn’t it?! All of a sudden, you aren’t the one.

just hours back, you meant the world to her, now she thinks it isn’t working.

Desperation creeps in. You will do anything to keep it alive. You know why? You were into it.

But nope. She’s bored/found someone/she thinks you’re an asshole (and realises that after so long).

Eventually, you are rejected.

You become the person you never were. Irritated, cranky. And she’s responsible for it, but owes nothing to you. You know why?! You fucken loved her once.

While every part of you dies. Cell by cell. You have nothing that you can possibly do. Apart from break down. Give in. And go into a deep dark abyss, which you never thought you will ever be in. Because you trusted her.

But this is for you. For her, it was just a snap! Knack! And out you go!

It’s that simple huh!




A love story?!

Guy meets girl. Guy likes girl. Guys asks girl out. Girl says no. After a few days says yes.

Guy and girl are happy. Happier than they ever were in their life.

Guy and girl start loving each other even more.

Guy and girl have friends. Some they love, some they hate and some, they just mock.

Suddenly, guy and girl fight.

Girl leaves guy. Guy is in depression.

Girl is friends with the friends they mocked together.

Guy goes psych. Guy kills mocked friend.

Guy kills girl. Guy kills himself.

Then guy wakes up. It was just a dream.

And there’s just one thing the guy can tell- lel. :p




Whatever that meant, do not take it to heart. :p Well frankly, i do not know what it means. But somehow, my blog has the knack of making people believe it is about them. Well, if this does that to you, then buddy, consult a doctor. For two reasons. First, ofc, you connected to this shit. Second, you actually read my blog. I mean who reads my blog?! I mean not even I read my blog. I mean I do, but i do not admit it. :p


Okay lel. :p


Look, my lover shines so bright- Chotu

Amidst the chaos of the mind and the insecurities of the soul

You shine like a beacon of light comforting all with your warmth and radiance
A guide to the lost and hope to the wary
May you always shine bright like a shooting star and spread your brilliance for eternity
Look there she shines, my lover oh so bright and mighty
When all else fails, people think of you and gain hope
So shine, shine on and may your glory spread far and wide
People wistfully say, that shining star will never be mine.


You thought I was kidding? :p
You thought I was kidding? :p

Sunshine- Chotu

When sunshine streams between the leafy topped trees

A lone man sits basking in the sun
In the quest for sense and sensibility
He wanders far and wide
Birth, death and rebirth are nothing but the cycles of life
Piece by piece knowledge and wisdom come through trials of ice and fire
Truth, destiny, life and fate are all meaningless yet one and the same
The dry air blows like a lover’s kiss so near and yet so far away
Placing a hand on his bosom, he listens to the rhythmic beat of life
Thud..thud..thud..a beat skipped!
Finally, the time had arrived
A time to enter the garden of life
The time to break free from the shackles that bind his soul
Near to death and so close to life.

Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. :D
Every post by Chotu will be accompanied by this photo. 😀

When Chotu Speaks

Okay for those of you who do not know, Chotu is Pratap Pranay. He is a psycho short kid, who has an extra ordinary history of being dumped. Doesn’t come across as a person who can write well. But then, he is a damn good writer. In no way am I telling he can work. But he writes well. And is known to most of us for the wrong reasons. Ahem Ahem. Let’s not do this, or shall we? :p

Haha, so this kid is a good writer/poet/dumped kid/chotu/ Marvel fan/ regular mastubater (as per sources) and most of all, a dear friend. The category ‘When Chotu speaks’, is purely what he writes/what i hear from him. This is because I think it is entertaining.

I feel like a director launching a new kid. lel. :p

So here it is, ‘When Chotu Speaks’.

Typical Madu, Isn't he? That's him! :p
Typical Madu, Isn’t he? That’s him! :p

The red in love- it’s Liverpool

So, for the regular readers of my blog- read Abhishek, Neha, Sharma ji :p, Ramyata maybe, Sharat and Aditya- I haven’t blogged in a while. I know, I know, I’m sorry. I deprived you off my excellent blogging skills. :p But not anymore.

So, again, for the regular readers of my blog, which suddenly increased when I started writing about my ahem ahem, yes you know what, I have learnt a few things in life.

EVERYTHING they say about love, it is wrong. Except for one thing. It is red in colour. Fuck yeah they’re right about that. So is LIVERPOOL FC.

Yes, that's my club. :D
Yes, that’s my club. 😀

I have been following football for 8 months now, and I am no expert in the sport. It might take a lifetime to become one. Anyway, because my friend Amrit, who introduced me to the sport (Can never thank you enough buddy), is a Liverpool fan, I started off as one not knowing what being a Kopite actually means.

Eight months down the line, I’m in love with the sport and the club. It is like every player, is one of my family member. And Steven Gerrard, well, just cannot get enough of him. He is outstanding.

Shall see this at the end of the next Champions League season! :D
Shall see this at the end of the next Champions League season! 😀


This one's from last month. Just to screw around with Aditya :p DUDE 3-0 at Old Trafford!! :D
This one’s from last month. Just to screw around with Aditya :p DUDE 3-0 at Old Trafford!! 😀 I love Gerrard! 😀

The more I read, the more I watched, I fell in love with Liverpool. Best part, it will stay for as long as I live and never ever ever (read in Arnab’s Meenakshi Lekhi interview style) leave me. And it keeps telling me ‘You’ll never walk alone’.

Never Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever :p
Never Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever :p

This club, is beyond being a club. It is a family, that accepts you no matter who you are and where you are from. I am no where close to Anfield, but someday I shall be there. I do not know what will happen to me when I reach there. I will leave it for that moment.

Oh I could just die here! :)
Oh I could just die here! 🙂

Now, after being a cricket fan for over 10 years of my life, I repent starting watching football so so soooo late. Yes, I do. Of course, cricket has its own thrills, but football, nothing beats it.

The clubs, the fans, the chants, the passion. Happens just in football.

So this blog is to proclaim my love for the brilliant sport that football is.

For the spirit of the game.

And for the passion with which every fan watches it.

Cheers to you. Cheers to football. And yes, Liverpool FC is the best in the world. 😀 (I get to decide who is the best. It’s my blog! :D)

Faith. Hope. Belief. Support.
Faith. Hope. Belief. Support.