Musical Puberty

Yes, you read it right, the title is musical puberty. This is a stage most of us have been through. The others, well, they’re yet to grow up.

Every kind of music, every genre, every language has classics. Classics here do not necessarily imply the music of the oldies. It refers to music that is real. It is music that feels like music. It is music that has a feel behind it. It also is music which is way more than beats. It is music, that connects right at the part, which scientists believe just pumps blood. (The heart for the retards. My blog is dumb-fuck friendly :p)


Musical puberty refers to the process of a kid becoming an adult, musically. When they grow over beats, when the music they listen to is actually music. Not just shit produced on a computer. The ‘Step up’ guys, I believe are yet to grow up. Fuck yeah, I hate you’ll. :p Coming back, musical puberty is when people move from ‘Linkin Park’ to AC/DC, when people move from Preetam to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, when people move from ‘One Direction’ to The Eagles.

And god has not been kind to the world in this aspect, because we still have many retards around us, who are yet to attain musical puberty. (Pitbull lovers, you’ll included). 😀


Nusrat ‘Electric’ Fateh Ali Khan

The word electric is often used to describe something that leaves you shell shocked. And Nusrat Saab is exactly that!

It was a long day, Gym, office, and the only thing that i possibly could do is sleep. And then i stumble across this Quawali by Nusrat Sahab, and it’s all gone. “Akhiya Udeek Diya’ is what it is called. When translated, it means ‘My eyes await you’ and it is a lover’s cry for his partner who has abandoned her.

The legend in action
The legend in action

Never have been a huge fan of Qawaali, but when Nusrat saab gets into his own, you can’t help but tap your feet. Those high notes that he his, unbelievable. I’m an atheist, and God is something that is non extent. But trust me, watch a performance of this legend and you’ll see something divine, something supernatural, something beyond the reach of science in his singing.

Those spontaneous lyrics, those sudden changes in the flow of the song and the continuity in which it all happens is brilliant. In the Qawaali i mentioned earlier, which can be found in this link- – There is electricity flowing through my body. It is times like these that make me feel elated that i know Punjabi. Every line means so much, every notehits a chord, what is this?! God perhaps!

While the singers these days need to run around the stage, trying to make people get up and cheer them, all Nusrat Saab did is change a note and send the crowd into a tizzy. It’s 2 AM after a long tiring day, and there’s not even a hint of sleep left after just one Qawaali.

One thing, that i will always regret is not being able to watch the legend perform live. Thank God for Youtube. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if Music was warfare, Pakistan would be the world super power with people like him in their arsnel.