A love story?!

Guy meets girl. Guy likes girl. Guys asks girl out. Girl says no. After a few days says yes.

Guy and girl are happy. Happier than they ever were in their life.

Guy and girl start loving each other even more.

Guy and girl have friends. Some they love, some they hate and some, they just mock.

Suddenly, guy and girl fight.

Girl leaves guy. Guy is in depression.

Girl is friends with the friends they mocked together.

Guy goes psych. Guy kills mocked friend.

Guy kills girl. Guy kills himself.

Then guy wakes up. It was just a dream.

And there’s just one thing the guy can tell- lel. :p




Whatever that meant, do not take it to heart. :p Well frankly, i do not know what it means. But somehow, my blog has the knack of making people believe it is about them. Well, if this does that to you, then buddy, consult a doctor. For two reasons. First, ofc, you connected to this shit. Second, you actually read my blog. I mean who reads my blog?! I mean not even I read my blog. I mean I do, but i do not admit it. :p


Okay lel. :p



A Bisexual Girlfriend

Well, this might sound absurd to most of you’ll, but then, a bisexual girlfriend is a very interesting concept and from my analysis, it can work out miraculously in favour of your relationship. 😀

It will look something like this! :D
Something like this mayne. This is the only thing i could find on google! :/

Firstly, it is an exciting prospect. (Or atleast, it is to me! ) It will add a whole new angle to your normal boring life. Lets say, your girlfriend knows what exactly you want from her, because it is the exact same thing that she wants from her girlfriend. Isn’t it exciting?! 😀

Secondly, she’ll understand you better. This is because she’ll know what it is like to live with a girl.

It is a boon to long distance relationships. Ask me how?! Even if you’re away, she’s not really missing out on any action. Also, it wouldn’t bother you because it is a ‘girl thing’ in every sense of the word! :p

Just think of the kind of discussions you will have with her. Conversations you’ve never thought of in the wildest of your dreams probably. You’ll have one hell of a life.

Ah, I am jobless and now it is starting to show up on my blog. :p Also, i would say, this is just for fun, there is no need to take any offense. Feminists, Pseudo feminists, human right activists, intellects, please, cool down! :p