Drift #3 – French perfumes

Unemployment and a lot of time on your hand can leave a person thinking about things. Some important things, some not so important things and if the person is a blogger, then ideas for a blog (which I think is an absolute waste of time in my case)!

I don’t know how, but the other day, I found myself on a Wikipedia page about perfumes. I am still unable to understand what took me there or how I reached there, and it got me thinking.

Why are the best perfumes in the world from France? You name it – Guerlain, Chanel, Hermes, Lacoste – they all are from the land of Liberty!

You see, in a classroom, the person who usually uses A LOT of perfume is the one who doesn’t take a bath. Does that mean the French do not take bath? Do they always stink?

They even have T shirts for being dirty!! :p
They even have T shirts for being dirty!!!!

But why wouldn’t they take bath?

Maybe because it’s cold? But that isn’t possible. It is cold in all the countries in Europe and they all bathe!

Maybe they refuse to take bath because France was invaded so many times. How does that add up?

Well, because the country was invaded so many times, most of the people served in the army. Because of the continuous war, there was no time to bathe and the people decided to use perfumes. And in continuously making perfumes, they became the best in the world?

To me, that’s the only logical explanation.

Maybe that was Stephen Sauvestre’s thought behind the creation of Eiffel Tower. He must’ve thought ‘Mes amis, since we all stink so much, here’s a place high above the ground where we can go to get some fresh air! :p

'Maybe I can get away from the stink if I build something very high.'
‘Maybe I can get away from the stink if I build something very high.’