Can it get worse?


I’m not a feminist. If ever, humans would be classified into things, feminism would be the last attribute in me.

But it disgusts me. Our society. When I say our, I mean our Indian society. I’m not above it. I am a part of it. And I feel ashamed.

If you think about it, in India, as a man, you don’t need to be worried about getting married. Because somewhere out there, there is a girl’s family who are ready to pay you an amount of money to take their daughter away and enslave her.

All this because you were born with a dick. Cha!

Women are human beings, not chickens!

But it isn’t the dowry system that scares me. As the recent developments have proved, while the world is moving forward, we’re going backward.

My biggest worry is, can it get worse?!


Happy ‘ending’! Really?!

Happy Ending. A concept that I always fail to understand.

The only happy ending to me is the ending of a class, or a boring film or maybe a dish made with one of those evil green leafy vegetables.

But frankly, the way I look at things, endings are never good.

The very fact that you are willing to end it is an open statement that the time you invested in it was a waste of time.

I’m talking about projects, things, relationships (yes), a football match!

But obviously a football match has to finish, we cannot afford to see players die on the field.

So, endings. What are they? Why are they?

If you read my blog, you know I’ve been through a big ‘ending’. Trust me, it was anything but happy. It was shit. I know it is in the past, but ‘daym nigga!’ It killed me while it lasted.

There are many reasons for that to have happened. Not denying that. I will leave that topic for another day, another blog! (Yes, this is like product placement :p ).

When it ended, obviously there was the routine misery, pain, disinterest in living.

But since I’m intellect that I am (Ahahahahaha! 😀 ), a question popped up.

Was putting in all the time, effort, affection, emotion a waste?

You know, I’m an atheist. And things like ‘it was meant to happen’ don’t mean anything to me.

It is not like I want to be a psychic and know the future. But then, if you’ve put in so much in something, it doesn’t deserve to end, so sorely.

But that isn’t the point. The point is, the shit that the media and movies put in your head. That eventually all will be well.

BULL SHIT! Nothing will ever be well.

There will always be cunts who end things and there will always be endings that are never a happy affair!

Merci! (Fuck yeah, the blogger can speak French too! )

A Feeling Called YOU

She is awesome. I’ve been trying to put this into words for a long long time, but look how easily Nausheen has done it!

Biryani People

A feeling that had to die
A feeling that was killed, a feeling I will never again come by
A feeling that felt so true, but was always a lie
A beautiful lie that was worth the try
A feeling that made me blush, made me feel shy
A feeling that gave me wings and helped me fly
Many a times I stopped and wondered if on this feeling I could rely
And always my heart gave me a positive reply
But this feeling had to go and I don’t know why
And as it flew away, it made me hollow & dry
As it left, it made me cry
A feeling that got both, tears and sparkles in my eye
A feeling that left no answer as it bid goodbye

Such was a feeling called YOU ❤

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Drift # 2 – Crush

Don’t even ask me why this is here.

Ever wondered why a crush is called a crush?

I don’t know about normal people, but to an idiot like me, the only thing a crush reminds me of is a Pepsi can.

Okay, why?

Because it says ‘Crush’ after use. Yeah, that stuck to my head.

The drift here is based on that.

A crush is like a Pepsi in the can.


One, both look amazing from a distance.

Two, both are bad for health.

Three, if you are having it for too long, the ‘fizz’ runs out. (See what I did there? Fizz? :p )

Four, you can never survive on both for your entire life.

And finally five, both are dumped and forgotten after a while.


See the connection? 😀

If you don’t, well then buck up. Be creative.

Because the smarter you become, the harsher realities are. Be retarded, the rest shall follow! (Too much gyan for a day!)

Until next time, Tchao!