We as human beings survive on two basic instincts. One: Survival. That is one thing that remains constant through our lives.

The other thing, judgement. The only way one can survive is through a good sense of judgement. Because if we didn’t have our judgement, we’d soon become the hunted than be the hunters.

But here’s the thing. judgement in itself is a very tricky thing. Gone are the days when we were battling other species to survive. We are way beyond that phase now. Now all we are battling is one another in this world that we’ve built for ourselves. And the thing with a world like this is judgement becomes irrelevant yet our ages of evolution does not let us let go of it.

Often, the instinct to judge someone leads to you either rubbishing them or putting them on pedestals. While rubbishing them is a completely fine thing considering the outputs of this can only be inspiring the other person to prove a point, putting people on pedestals is what does a lot of harm.

We form ideas and images in our head of how a certain person is. Say an idol for that matter. This is until you know them. Once you do, you see a completely different side to them. And sometimes, or let’s be honest and say most times, you find them not worthy of the pedestal you have put them on.

And we end up hurting ourselves in the process. We tend to give up on people very soon for no fault of theirs. Because at the end of the day, they were just being what they were. It was us that put them up there and now we’re disappointed that they did not match out thoughts which we never conveyed to them in the first place.

We humans certainly are a funny species! Take that dinosaurs!


One of those things

You see, the world is a funny place. And this isn’t a reference to my talent as a stand up comedian.

It is funny because every once in a while, you come across one of those things that takes you back days, months, years or in some cases even lives. Although I am not a believer of reincarnation, there are certain things that you do for the first time yet you feel you’ve done it. The exact same way.

“It is called deja vu”. Shut the fuck up. I am not talking about that. This is something. This is like a random memory.

Like playing a song reminds you of a few seconds from when you were six. Like you’ll remember nothing that happened before or after that incident. It will be like an exact 10-second full HD video of what went down in those 10 seconds.

It is weird because it is like your past is trying to communicate with you whereas in actuality it isn’t. Or maybe it is if time is a dimension that we are yet to understand.

I don’t know if it happens to others as well. You know I am hoping it does. Because if it doesn’t happen to others, I cannot afford a shrink right now :3

Guess that’s about it.


Men – oh – pause

I write this article at the risk of being labelled a sexist. Although that tag does bother me, I will go ahead and write this.

Right, so, Men – oh – pause (TM) is a phrase I came up with after my recent experiences with a few friends. You know how we men are always boasting about not being in a cycle that involves PMSing and that we’re always our cool selves. Well that is a huge lie. Most guys have a time of the year for a month or so when they go men-oh-pausal.

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. The symptoms of menopause are seen in the same month. They start acting like a woman who is going through an extended mid life crisis even at the age of menopause.

To put it in a layman’s term, the friend/brother pauses being a man and starts acting like a stupid bitch. :p Trust me, there is no good way of putting it. Compared to what’s running in my mind, this is a very mild term!

While going through this men – oh – pause, men generally go full retard. They remain pissed off at their friends for no reason. They think their entire group is against them and have been pulling them down all their lives. At this point, they move to their tertiary friends and “start a new happy life” with them.

This keeps them happy for a couple of weeks before they start realising they are behaving like a stupid bitch. And just like the Snickers advertisement, they go from being a heroine to our old brother in matter of seconds and come back. This is usually common among men who have moved to new avenues, companies or even institutions.

That’s it I guess! Adios! 😀

It’s a cycle!

Fuck yeah, it IS A CYCLE!

You see, when shit is going down, you think it is the end of the world.

Well guess what? It isn’t. It is just a cycle. That entire feeling of the pre shit going down era comes back to you.

But it does, only if you live long enough to outlive that shitty feeling.

And trust me, if you end up out living that feel, it all starts from scratch. That ‘first everything’ returns. That sweet smell in the air. Them little red hearts flying everywhere. Well not the last part literally, that’d be gross.

But seriously, shit does go down, and how!

I always thought it was a hoax. There is no end to the tunnel. In fact, I was pretty sure this is a propaganda that things get better.

I have never been more wrong in my entire life put together.

Guess it is time to buckle up, get ready and head out into the horizon!

Because you know what they say, …… I’m not saying it. You know it already!

Wha? Yes that’s it! Okay bye! 😀