When little things make you nostalgic

I am sure that it might sound foolish to most of you’ll, but a chewing gum left me thinking about my childhood for a long time. Yes, that’s right, a chewing gum. And its no ordinary chewing gum. It is BOOMER!!

As a kid, I remember buying so many of these just to get the free tattoo. And every time i put it on, i would get trashed! :p Yes, the best blogger in the world was also trashed by his parents! 😀

Remember this?? :D
Remember this?? 😀

Today, after dinner at office, just went down to a store nearby to get a chewing gum. I was expecting to get a stupid Centrefresh that is abnormally sweet. But then i noticed that the shop had boomer, yes a boomer! it was the first time i was seeing a boomer in years. I know it is too melodramatic but yes, it invoked so many emotions in me! Never thought a chewing gum could send me ten years back.

Without much ado, i bought it. The paper cover, that rectangular shape, the pinkish-white colour of the gum (which our teachers told us was made out of pig skin) sent me into a different world. The taste of the boomer, hasn’t changed a bit.

They say little things in life, that you barely remember, end up being your fond memories. It is great how a little boomer could remind me of my childhood. The good old days when i weighed over a 100 kgs and ran around the streets playing cricket! I know the thought itself is funny but never mind, that’s my childhood! 😀


Reality of success

• Reality of success 

I normally stay away from being personally motivated with my posts as much as I can. This leads me to just an emotional exploit of randomness against Earth’s human race known as people. What is my direction for this? It is so I can cool off my stress. Honestly, I like to help people; it helps refocus my own soul. When I see others through situations it guides me to a conclusion of self resolute! Where does my stress birth from? People. Well, that just sounds generic, I know. People are stressful. You’d be surprised though, it is a stress that comes from seeing people failing, or taking onto themselves this negative energy. Lost without knowledge of complete and total truth. 

Where do I stand with my own thoughts? Right here… People; You want a reality check on success, well here it is. You get many…

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Nusrat ‘Electric’ Fateh Ali Khan

The word electric is often used to describe something that leaves you shell shocked. And Nusrat Saab is exactly that!

It was a long day, Gym, office, and the only thing that i possibly could do is sleep. And then i stumble across this Quawali by Nusrat Sahab, and it’s all gone. “Akhiya Udeek Diya’ is what it is called. When translated, it means ‘My eyes await you’ and it is a lover’s cry for his partner who has abandoned her.

The legend in action
The legend in action

Never have been a huge fan of Qawaali, but when Nusrat saab gets into his own, you can’t help but tap your feet. Those high notes that he his, unbelievable. I’m an atheist, and God is something that is non extent. But trust me, watch a performance of this legend and you’ll see something divine, something supernatural, something beyond the reach of science in his singing.

Those spontaneous lyrics, those sudden changes in the flow of the song and the continuity in which it all happens is brilliant. In the Qawaali i mentioned earlier, which can be found in this link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9Ui2deAKr8 – There is electricity flowing through my body. It is times like these that make me feel elated that i know Punjabi. Every line means so much, every notehits a chord, what is this?! God perhaps!

While the singers these days need to run around the stage, trying to make people get up and cheer them, all Nusrat Saab did is change a note and send the crowd into a tizzy. It’s 2 AM after a long tiring day, and there’s not even a hint of sleep left after just one Qawaali.

One thing, that i will always regret is not being able to watch the legend perform live. Thank God for Youtube. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if Music was warfare, Pakistan would be the world super power with people like him in their arsnel.

Reading a cricket match!

The IPL is here, and for those who don’t know me, I am a total cricket freak. I love watching it. I can watch cricket all day long. My favourite format is Test cricket but IPL has a kick of its own.

The cricinfo website, my savior! :
The cricinfo website, my savior! :

I remember watching each match of all the seasons till this one. Life can do stuff to you, and it did in my case! I have office to go to now, and my office ends right at the time when the match! that implies, there is no chance of me watching the match! Depressing, isn’t it?

But yes, just when i thought that there is no way i can enjoy the match, i came across cricinfo and the crazy commentary it has! Since then, i have been reading every match. I know that sounds weird, but trust me, it is brilliant. No the Crininfo guys aren’t paying me for this! :p

Tried searching for a good screenshot of the IPL T 20 website! dint find it! so used this! :D
Tried searching for a good screenshot of the IPL T 20 website! dint find it! so used this! 😀

Reading the commentary gives an all new dimension to a cricket match. Every ball is visually described, and you get to imagine the entire thing in your head. It’s like reading a novel, even better, like reading a film script. Though your imagination might not be right always, or accurate for that matter. But on the whole, it is something you’ll enjoy.

Not to forget, the official IPL website is also doing a great job. It is more interactive with the pulse voting as well.

So while the rest of the world watches the match, I read it, daily. This, in true terms is a sub editor’s life! 😀

Gym dairies- #1- Aimlessness

Yes, I know it’s weird for all my followers – who know that I am a foodie to the core – to believe that I am working out and giving up on food. But still, going to a gym has given me a lot to talk about.

Yea, this is how they look!
Yea, this is how they look!

Firstly, the treadmill! It is the most hilarious invention I’ve come across. It’s funny! you keep running, for over thirty minutes, and at the end of it, you’re at the same place. I mean how aimless is it?! 😀

Next, while i was running, a guy comes, puts a mat on the floor. The purpose of the mat remains a mystery to me, as he barely can fit on it. Half of his body is on the ground! No he’s not fat, it’s the same case with the thin people as well! No one fits on it, yet it is used. It somehow reminds me of a few blind beliefs we follow. Anyway, he gets on to the mat, and raises his foot into the air, and every time he does that, his grunt becomes louder.

Now, take some time to imagine this on the floor of a gym. Done? great! Take the guy out of the gym, put him on the road, doing the same thing, or in a pub, or maybe in a hospital! It’ll all look abnormal there! But here, it is the in thing! :/ *sigh*

Going to a gym tells you that there is a breed of people who sit around thinking of just one thing in life, their weight. In fact, I know someone who is very close to me also belongs to this species. These people have just one aim in life, they jump unnecessarily, run in the same place for hours together without reaching any where, try pushing their legs up in the air, and at the end of the day, stand in front of the mirror in the gym and admire their sweaty, sultry and stinking bodies! :p

Well, this by no means appears to be fit to me! Eating Biryani is. But yeah, never mind! taken it up as a challenge. Lets see how far this goes with me! 😀