Been a while, will need a little more

Here’s the thing. The world has no place for sentiments what so ever. Take anything for that matter, sentiment dies soon. Sentiment is like jerking off to the world.

They do it, they feel shit for some time, then they just wipe it off and completely forget about it. Be it the Peshawar killings, the attacks in Paris or a broken heart, everything is forgotten by everyone.

However, the only thing that remains constant is the pain of the people who are still going through the suffering knowing that their chance to shine under the spotlight of sympathy is gone and now there is no turning back as they stare doom, right in its face.

But doom here isn’t death. Doom here is life. Doom here is living through stuff. Doom here is making peace with the fact that you don’t have something you used to. Doom here is understanding and living with the fact that you’ve lost it and its never coming back.

And the pain that comes with this sort of a doom is of a different nature. Because it is pain of the highest order. And it is pain that is here to stay. So with time you stop responding to the pain. But you know it is still there. And while you die slowly, each moment with this pain, all you tell yourselves is that ‘it’s been a while, will need a little more. But I am sure it will all be alright.’

Heart goes out to the people in Syria. I can only imagine what you guys are going through. Not exactly a ‘been there done that’ kind of a thing but hey, we’ve all seen pain.

Hang in tight.


If you believe in god

I am an atheist. I speak against all forms of the mystical creature that is ‘God’. If that doesn’t go well with you, please do not proceed.

Here’s a list of things you should stop doing if you are a believer.

1. If you believe in god, stop fucking using technology. God said there is no power bigger than him right. Guess what, he had no idea about nuclear energy. It is bigger and even though will kill people, it is way less destructive than religion.

2. If you believe in god, stop fucking sharing his photos/videos on social media/whatsapp. Using technology is like using science. Science is reasoning; religion, well, we’ll have an entire blog for that. Science contradicts religion. So using science to propagate religion is killing the purpose itself.

3. If you believe in god, stop travelling far. Because you might fall off the earth. That’s what your god says, right? Do not go too far. Earth is flat. Everything revolves around the earth. That is what god told you. I’ll send him a letter to ask you to never let you join any space program, ANYWHERE.

4. If you believe in god, well, just fuck off. I mean no, it will not stop me from being friends with you or something, i’ll condemn you internally, like, for ever.

5 If you believe in god and say that all that human race has achieved is because god directed us to do so, well then i direct you to point number 4. Or if you’re too lazy for that, fuck off. Just fuck off. 😀

Ok bye. Someone knocked, i think it was god. Maybe he wants to kill me.

Sometimes I wish I was a Panda.

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

I’d be shipped off from my home, far far away to Uganda.

Where I’d probably meet a female panda named Amanda.

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

Why the fuck are they so so happy? :o
Why the fuck are they so so happy? 😮

All I’d eat, is a lot of hay.

All people would love me: straight, bisexual or gay.

Far far away from the world’s propaganda,

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

Though I weigh like one,

a Panda is way beyond just the weight.

In the hope of fitness I wander,

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

I’d love to be in a Chinese zoo,

where it’s all black and white, and I don’t feel blue.

I’d feel like I’m probably living in a tanda?*

Sometimes I wish, I wish I was a Panda.

*When I say tanda, it is a slang for a tribal village. It’s not a Malayali trying to say cold in Hindi.


Drift # 4 – Flat Beer

Ever wondered why it’s called flat beer?

I was jobless as usual last week and I wanted to solve the mystery via drift.

Now then, flat beer is a beer that’s fizz has run out. Though it isn’t the best tasting beer, people still drink it, you know, because it is beer.

But physically, flat beer isn’t flat. Even if some smart ass decides to say that it is liquid and it takes the shape of the container, the container of a beer is usually a glass or a bottle which doesn’t allow it to be flat. It is round.

So why do we call it flat, exactly?

You see, flat is a house that someone buys because they cannot afford a villa. I mean who goes and buys a flat if they have a good villa available?

But since the flat is bought with hard-earned money and it is owned by you you still like it, but not as much as the villa.

Voila! That’s the same logic behind naming ‘flat’ beer. It is not as good as the beer with fizz. You still like it because you own it. And you enjoy it lesser.


*Modern start trek like computer sounds*

‘Drift complete’.

One night’s sleep. YAYY!!

This is the first time I’m blogging so early in the morning. One good reason for that is because after the creation of the blog, this is the first time I’ve had one full night’s sleep.


Usually, I cannot sleep. You know, I’m one of those zombie people. Awake all night. Sleepy all day. Still cannot sleep in the day.

And sometimes I go 3-4 days straight without sleeping, unintentionally.

But not last night. I got a full night’s sleep and this is AWESOME! That’s probably the only reason I’m blogging as soon as I woke up. To express exactly how I feel.

It just feels so abnormal. I mean it’s morning and my head is not feeling heavy, I feel like breakfast. Otherwise it’s hogging all night. :p

Most of all, I don’t feel lazy. This is pretty awesome. I’m sure it’s a one time thing, but it is good. 😀

Hey, stop judging me. It might be nothing extra ordinary for you, but to me, this is an achievement. 😉

Okay, that’s about it!

Later! 😀

Light in the dark

Night. The word itself gives a very dull and gloomy feeling to most of us. It isn’t our mistake. It has been put into our systems. Like Red stands for stop, green stands for go, similarly night stands for gloomy.

It somehow is a different story for me. It is more of an inner journey. I find myself looking deeper into myself every night. You hear nothing. You see dark grey shadows. Sleep refuses to come to you. And all you are left with is an empty brain and loads and loads of thoughts.

What amazes me is the stream of thoughts. It just keeps changing. When you think of it the next day, you realise that there was hardly any continuity in the thoughts. But when you are in that moment, it all seems legit, it all feels right, and the mind takes you places from where you do not want to return.

And this happens almost every night.  When it is just me, and my thoughts. Hah! See, there’s no flow in this blog as well, but at 1:39 am, it makes sense to me! I might repent it tomorrow, but then for now, I’ve just written a brilliant blog! 😀