Drift # 4 – Flat Beer

Ever wondered why it’s called flat beer?

I was jobless as usual last week and I wanted to solve the mystery via drift.

Now then, flat beer is a beer that’s fizz has run out. Though it isn’t the best tasting beer, people still drink it, you know, because it is beer.

But physically, flat beer isn’t flat. Even if some smart ass decides to say that it is liquid and it takes the shape of the container, the container of a beer is usually a glass or a bottle which doesn’t allow it to be flat. It is round.

So why do we call it flat, exactly?

You see, flat is a house that someone buys because they cannot afford a villa. I mean who goes and buys a flat if they have a good villa available?

But since the flat is bought with hard-earned money and it is owned by you you still like it, but not as much as the villa.

Voila! That’s the same logic behind naming ‘flat’ beer. It is not as good as the beer with fizz. You still like it because you own it. And you enjoy it lesser.


*Modern start trek like computer sounds*

‘Drift complete’.

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