Rewarded for Creativity?! — Kamal Hassan

The row over Kamal Hassan’s latest flickhas left me disappointed, dejected and irritated over the way our system works. This incident clearly establishes how politics has dug its roots deep into Indian Cinema as well.

Kamal Hassan

We live in a system where Politics overpowers creativity and art, where an artist’s worrk, despite being approved by the official Censor board can be ‘Unofficially barred’ by the moral police of our country. Kamal Hassan’s incident is not the first time fundamentalists from one side have chose to interfere into work of art. Fire, Bombay, Kahani kursi ki and many other films were dragged into similar controversies. And in most of the cases, the government stays away to keep their vote bank safe. It doesn’t end here, the opposition parties look at this as a way to gain some political mileage.


And while all this happens, the media manipulates, twists, turns and totally reshapes the incident into a TRP machine. The Judiciary of India moves at its snail’s pace. The artist, who in this case is Kamal Hassan has no option but to stand and absorb all the happenings. And if he dares to call a media conference and tried to explain the issue, his statements are misused and quoted against himself.

I feel bad for Hassan saab, who has been serving the industry with sheer brilliance for over a decade now. This is a reward we have given to an exceptional actor, film maker and producer for coming out and making use of his right to expression.

I congratulate the government of India, Tamilnadu, the vote hungry politicians, the Islamic fundamentalists who protested against the film without even watching it, for successfully dragging a gem of Indian cinema into this abbys from where there is no way out!

Well done!


Syria- My thoughts on it

For the past few days, i have been working with an international desk of a newspaper, and trust me, Syria has been the lead of the page for over 20 times. The world media turns a blind eye to the issue most of the time. But the fact remains that it is an issue worse than any other in terms of Human Rights Violation. The violence has reached to such an extent that even the Pope called for peace in Syria in his Christmas address to the world.

It is horrifying to think of a place where you are uncertain of returning back home when you leave for office. The UN observatory in Syria says that over 40,000 people have been killed in Syria since the first uprising in 2009.  40,000?! This comes down to one member from each family in Syria being dead.

What if it was one of us out there?!
What if it was one of us out there?!

And all this just to satisfy the egos of the two major forces, NATO, and the reigning Monarch/dictator/president/or what ever you choose to call him of Syira, Bashar al-Assad. This again is a classic example of how a man’s desire of not giving up on power is costing a nation heavily, in every sense of the word.

Supporters of Assad outside his office in Syria.
Supporters of Assad outside his office in Syria.

It’s hard to imagine living in a country which is in such a bad shape. I cannot comment on how to solve the problem, or what can be done to end the war , but it’s just that such a huge loss of life and property is unbearable. These random thoughts of Syria triggered off after I saw a photo of violence in Syria this morning, and felt that sharing it here would be a great thing to do.


People gather at the banks of a waterway in the south of Aleppo from which rebels have recovered more than 100 bodies
People gather at the banks of a waterway in the south of Aleppo from which rebels have recovered more than 100 bodies

Inside- a power nap

power nap
Long nights watching TV or Sitcoms followed by a day full of college and doing nothing with friends can lead to you being desperate for sleep. The sad part is that when you want to sleep, you cant!

Things start getting worse when you have to attend office after the long day. This is where a power nap comes to my rescue, almost everyday! Just get on to your desk, sink your head into your folded arms and get lost into the wonderful world of dreams, that you missed out on last night.

These naps are crazy as time suddenly goes into slow motion like those old Hindi films, and a minute is as good as an hour. You believe that you’re sleeping while gliding through various thoughts which you believe are your dreams, but at the same time, you’re ready to get up and get back to work on the ‘call of duty.’ :p

What’s surprising is by the end of it, when you wake up you feel that you’ve been sleeping for ages, but the fact is that you were just down for ten minutes. This phenomenal process of sleeping and not sleeping at the same time is what is described as a Power Nap.

Hah, would’ve never known this if i wasn’t a part of The Hans India! This one’s a bid for promotion in office! 😉