Inside- a power nap

power nap
Long nights watching TV or Sitcoms followed by a day full of college and doing nothing with friends can lead to you being desperate for sleep. The sad part is that when you want to sleep, you cant!

Things start getting worse when you have to attend office after the long day. This is where a power nap comes to my rescue, almost everyday! Just get on to your desk, sink your head into your folded arms and get lost into the wonderful world of dreams, that you missed out on last night.

These naps are crazy as time suddenly goes into slow motion like those old Hindi films, and a minute is as good as an hour. You believe that you’re sleeping while gliding through various thoughts which you believe are your dreams, but at the same time, you’re ready to get up and get back to work on the ‘call of duty.’ :p

What’s surprising is by the end of it, when you wake up you feel that you’ve been sleeping for ages, but the fact is that you were just down for ten minutes. This phenomenal process of sleeping and not sleeping at the same time is what is described as a Power Nap.

Hah, would’ve never known this if i wasn’t a part of The Hans India! This one’s a bid for promotion in office! 😉

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