The moon and the stars made the night look like a beautiful painting. Cool breeze blew across the city doing right to all the wrong the sun had done. The heat slowly settled down as the city was fast asleep, getting the much needed rest to deal with the next day.

As the clock struck three, he started to turn around in his bed. Thirsty, he was too lazy to get up and go fetch himself a glass of water, out of habit.

“Maa,” he called out half asleep, “I’m thirsty, water!”

He slipped into sleep only to wake up 15 minutes later. “MAA!! I’m thirsty!” he shouted. A hint of anger in his tone.

Hearing no response, he woke up, ready to give his parents a piece of his mind. Or a guilt trip, at least.

As he opened his eyes, his room looked different. This wasn’t his house. Bewildered and still waking up, he failed to understand where he was and how he reached there.

The confusion lasted a while, before he realised he was not at home anymore. He had moved into a new city, far far away from the comforts of home.

His eyes became numb. He had to speak to his maa.

“Haan beta, kya hua, itni raat ko phone? Sab theek hai na?”

A tear rolled down his cheek. “Haan maa, bas aapki avaaz sunne ka man kar raha tha.”



There always seems to be a lot of talk about change. In fact, I also came across a phrase that said change is constant. But what if, there is nothing called change. Maybe, it is just a daemon that we have made up in our mind which comes back to haunt us in the form of change?

Let’s begin with the definition of change. It is something that used to happen in the past and doesn’t any more, in the simplest of terms. However, not behaving the same way might be natural to it.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re too caught up with living the same moment for the second time that we forget it isn’t going to repeat itself, because there would be no fun if everything was repetitive.

Maybe, it is all a natural process and we’re too engulfed in living the old moment again that we forget to value the current one.

On a lighter note, if you do not like change, get into an RTC bus. Those people do not believe in change, never have it and will never give it to you. In fact, they ask you to give them your change.

Take a Chance on Me

Dark Night Vistas

Racing hard against life to beat the time,
He revved up his heart to escape the crime;

Accused of often making the same mistake,
His love for her put his everything at stake;

His crime was falling in love with her every day,
The price for which, he would love to pay;

For years he tried upping his game,
Slammed by her always, he rose to no fame;

One chance was what he always asked,
As on no occasion he wanted his feelings masked.

Take a chance on me, he fervently urged,
But life won the race and that’s how as a winner he emerged.

PS: If you have not listened to ABBA yet, please do listen to them. They have voices like angels and music which works better than any elixir.

PS2: And the streak of sadness in stories ends here…for a while, at least. 😛

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