Sporting a Kurta!

This blog is completely based on a true story, any fiction in this is purely meant to spice it up, as just the truth would put you to sleep. phew, I have a disclaimer for everything in do after the Kamal Hassan controversy. :p

Kurtas were, and i believe they still are one of those very few traditional Indian attires that still look good and easily fit into a modern day kiddos wardrobe  These things have been around for a really long time. I always wanted to buy one, and i eventually did buy one. But yeah, thanks to our over cool generation, it took me a lot of time to convince myself to wear it to college.

But surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as i thought. Hardly anyone noticed! (Well that could probably be because no one gives a shit to me in college) but still, it wasn’t getting me those odd looks from my cold-as-the-north-pole cool classmates. More over, it gave me (or what i believe it did) a very classic journalist look. 😀

I so not understand why Kurtas are not the favorite attire of youngsters these days. In fact, sporting a kurta has many things good for you.

Don't go by the model in the picture, He's gay! :D
Don’t go by the model in the picture, He’s gay! 😀

The first thing is that is gives you a distinct identity. This is for the attentions seekers.

Second is that it is ultra comfortable. Trust me, if you a long day ahead, this is the most comfortable thing that you can wear.

Third, it covers up your extra junk! Yes it’s true! no dieting, no gym, no medicines, just a Kurta to get rid of your old fat look.

Fourth fifth sixth? yeah right! it’s a Kurta, not an ACNE product from the road runner show.

Coming back to the point, if you’re looking for atleast one of the above things, then trust me, don’t waste time, just go and get your kurta!