If you believe in god

I am an atheist. I speak against all forms of the mystical creature that is ‘God’. If that doesn’t go well with you, please do not proceed.

Here’s a list of things you should stop doing if you are a believer.

1. If you believe in god, stop fucking using technology. God said there is no power bigger than him right. Guess what, he had no idea about nuclear energy. It is bigger and even though will kill people, it is way less destructive than religion.

2. If you believe in god, stop fucking sharing his photos/videos on social media/whatsapp. Using technology is like using science. Science is reasoning; religion, well, we’ll have an entire blog for that. Science contradicts religion. So using science to propagate religion is killing the purpose itself.

3. If you believe in god, stop travelling far. Because you might fall off the earth. That’s what your god says, right? Do not go too far. Earth is flat. Everything revolves around the earth. That is what god told you. I’ll send him a letter to ask you to never let you join any space program, ANYWHERE.

4. If you believe in god, well, just fuck off. I mean no, it will not stop me from being friends with you or something, i’ll condemn you internally, like, for ever.

5 If you believe in god and say that all that human race has achieved is because god directed us to do so, well then i direct you to point number 4. Or if you’re too lazy for that, fuck off. Just fuck off. 😀

Ok bye. Someone knocked, i think it was god. Maybe he wants to kill me.


Drift – #1

So three years of mass communication, one heart break, more than a hundred haleems, more than a thousand biryanis and almost two years of journalism later, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a fucken retard. Yes, I am. I mean, I always had this doubt. But enlightenment struck me, the other day, and here I am, confessing it.

But why am I telling you this? Because you, my lovely readers, actually read my blog. :p So, here’s the deal. This is the new category. It is called Drift. What does that mean? You know it’s nothing related to Tokyo Drift. I haven’t even watched the movie. But then, I’m pretty sure, it has nothing to do with the stuff that I will be posting under this category.

This category, is to let out a flow of thought. A stream that emerges and just goes on and on. It doesn’t stop.

Say for example you are sitting in a place, and there’s no power, your phone’s battery is dead, and you are sitting. Just sitting. Doing nothing. There is a random flow of thoughts. Absolutely random. It just flows from one thought to another and keeps going on. Yes. That. You are getting a hang of it.

I have many of those moments these days. So this in category, I shall share them with you. They might be funny to you. Might even seem senseless (FYI, this is going to be the case most of the time). But then, such thoughts should not go waste. They need to be recorded. Let’s assume I get a noble prize some day for sports journalism. I know there is no such category. But lets assume. These very thoughts will be used to make text books of kids then. :p

Something like this! :D

The last art of the blog is actually a demonstration of what it is. Here we go.


Relationship. Ever tried breaking it down? It is a ship. You know like a real ship named relation.


Because it takes you places. Lands far away, places unexplored, and shows you things that are unseen.

Eventually, just like a ship, it either serves a full term and becomes old, or if you are travelling through rough seas, pirates attack it. You get the flow? Pirates = family members, basterds/bitches who take them away, blah blah.

And and and, here’s the best part, the captain, which is you technically, prefers sinking with the ship. You do. You sink into depression? Yeah?! Get it?!

Then., just like a dead body comes to the surface of the water after sometime, you too ‘come out’ of depression. But there’s one similarity between you and the dead body. Both of you’ll are dead- one mentally the other physically- and will never be like how you were before!


Daymn. See the drift? This is what I’m talking about! I’m pretty sure I’m doing this on a regular basis. :p

Tchao till next time! 😀