That little doubt – Rhyming it together

On the darkest of nights, the mind lingers.

As you scroll through Youtube, listening to your favourite singers.

It’s when that one song, that one lyric hits you,

And nothing around you, nothing that you’ve been living with, feels true.

In the darkness of the night with mosquitoes that love to bite,

You stare through your window, looking for some ray of hope, some light.

As the clock ticks by, you realise.

That the life you’ve been living is of a pauper, it’s nothing close to your dreamy king size.

Where has the child gone? why doesn’t he dream any more?

Is that it? Has he fallen prey to the system and become its whore?

As the mind battles with the heart, the narcotics wear out.

And all that’s left in his head, is that little doubt.


The long winter night

The long winter night,

where nothing feels right,

there’s no hope, its just fright,

in the long winter night.

You fight it with all your might,

your thoughts, they smite,

You are an unlucky wight,

Stuck in this long winter night.

You want to let go and see the morning sun,

you don’t want to fear, and wish to end the mad run,

You sleep in the darkness, your thoughts, they bite,

And there seems to be no end, to the long winter night.

The colors are long gone,

it’s all black and white.

Your head becomes numb,

as you succumb to the long winter night.


Your lost in the wilderness,

and no end seems to be in sight.

You got no where to go, no one to fight,

in the long winter night, in the long winter night.

Somewhere deep down,

you know it will be right.

There will be no misery and everything will be right,

when there’s no where to run, and no one to fight,

you know it is the end, of the long winter night.

Light in the dark

Night. The word itself gives a very dull and gloomy feeling to most of us. It isn’t our mistake. It has been put into our systems. Like Red stands for stop, green stands for go, similarly night stands for gloomy.

It somehow is a different story for me. It is more of an inner journey. I find myself looking deeper into myself every night. You hear nothing. You see dark grey shadows. Sleep refuses to come to you. And all you are left with is an empty brain and loads and loads of thoughts.

What amazes me is the stream of thoughts. It just keeps changing. When you think of it the next day, you realise that there was hardly any continuity in the thoughts. But when you are in that moment, it all seems legit, it all feels right, and the mind takes you places from where you do not want to return.

And this happens almost every night.  When it is just me, and my thoughts. Hah! See, there’s no flow in this blog as well, but at 1:39 am, it makes sense to me! I might repent it tomorrow, but then for now, I’ve just written a brilliant blog! 😀