Light in the dark

Night. The word itself gives a very dull and gloomy feeling to most of us. It isn’t our mistake. It has been put into our systems. Like Red stands for stop, green stands for go, similarly night stands for gloomy.

It somehow is a different story for me. It is more of an inner journey. I find myself looking deeper into myself every night. You hear nothing. You see dark grey shadows. Sleep refuses to come to you. And all you are left with is an empty brain and loads and loads of thoughts.

What amazes me is the stream of thoughts. It just keeps changing. When you think of it the next day, you realise that there was hardly any continuity in the thoughts. But when you are in that moment, it all seems legit, it all feels right, and the mind takes you places from where you do not want to return.

And this happens almost every night.  When it is just me, and my thoughts. Hah! See, there’s no flow in this blog as well, but at 1:39 am, it makes sense to me! I might repent it tomorrow, but then for now, I’ve just written a brilliant blog! 😀