My fondest memory of Pakistan

Whoa whoa whoa, does this guy still blog?


I’m coming in hot through the cobwebs on this blog. Thanks for the thunderous applause. (Trust me, I heard it).

But why am I here? Because, cricket.

Growing up, I had no idea what Pakistan was. I just heard about it somewhere and I was told to hate it (not exactly but you know what I mean). It was few years later in a geography class that I got know that Pakistan is a country right next to ours. By this point I’d been hating on them for three straight years.

And that’s the thing I guess. We all just have memories of hating Pakistan. Why? Because they give us multiple FUCKEN REASONS! THAT’S WHY! *Trishul awakens inside*

The only fond memory of Pakistan in my head is of this ad campaign that was on TV when Pakistan was touring India and Indo-Pak ties were at their strongest. Friendship was so good between these two countries that there was a bus running from Delhi to Lahore *blushes in Guru Randhawa*

guru randhawa

Also there was this train transporting cotton, but I heard some guy named Tara Singh set it on fire because he was escaping Pakistan with his wife Amisha Patel.

tara singh
I didn’t want anyone to miss the reference.

So this ad had Rahul Dravid entering the room with Parathas. And everyone went ‘arre why are there parathas stuck on a wall?’ ‘lolololololololololol.’ (That’s how dressing rooms exist in my head.)

No, Dravid enters the room with parathas and as we all know Rahul Dravid is a Kannadiga and parathas naturally are authentic Karnataka food. Ganguly is like ‘hey, ye paratha mere liye hai?’

And Dravid goes ‘nai. Ye Inzi bhai ke liye’. And at this point in the ad, Kaif and Yuvi also make their appearance. Yuvi goes ‘Ye hum baant ke khaenge, chain se.’ To which Kaif goes, ‘Aman se’ and I’m not making this up, the next thing that happens is a white pigeon flies out of Kaif’s hand – inside the dressing room. Little did they know that they both would have to face cancer at some point in the future. (Kaif got career cancer, it didn’t survive).

And that ad is the fondest memory I have of Pakistan. That and coke studio (OMG QURAT-UL-AIN BALOUCH!!).





When little things make you nostalgic

I am sure that it might sound foolish to most of you’ll, but a chewing gum left me thinking about my childhood for a long time. Yes, that’s right, a chewing gum. And its no ordinary chewing gum. It is BOOMER!!

As a kid, I remember buying so many of these just to get the free tattoo. And every time i put it on, i would get trashed! :p Yes, the best blogger in the world was also trashed by his parents! 😀

Remember this?? :D
Remember this?? 😀

Today, after dinner at office, just went down to a store nearby to get a chewing gum. I was expecting to get a stupid Centrefresh that is abnormally sweet. But then i noticed that the shop had boomer, yes a boomer! it was the first time i was seeing a boomer in years. I know it is too melodramatic but yes, it invoked so many emotions in me! Never thought a chewing gum could send me ten years back.

Without much ado, i bought it. The paper cover, that rectangular shape, the pinkish-white colour of the gum (which our teachers told us was made out of pig skin) sent me into a different world. The taste of the boomer, hasn’t changed a bit.

They say little things in life, that you barely remember, end up being your fond memories. It is great how a little boomer could remind me of my childhood. The good old days when i weighed over a 100 kgs and ran around the streets playing cricket! I know the thought itself is funny but never mind, that’s my childhood! 😀