The Big Bang Effect

Hello there, my dieting is still on, and i still am blogging. I don’t believe i completed a week!! Hurrayy!! (Party poppers, fire  crackers, trumpets drums etc etc) Today, I am gonna talk about the effects of a SITCOM on me.

Now, for people who know me, this might look like a desperate attempt to gain attention, but frankly, I have started watching Big Bang Theory off late (read 2 nights back) and I am totally loving it. And, in this particular blog I am going to talk about what i thought about the three seasons i watched.

Firstly, Penny, You’re Adorable, and Sheldon, you’re awesome! 😀

As cute as ever!
As cute as ever!Dr Sheldon Cooper
Dr Sheldon Cooper

The show, as most of you’ll reading my blog would know, is about four friends, and a super cute bimbo. And Watching it for two straight nights, has kind of gotten on my head. Initially, i was reluctant to watch it, and even when i did, i thought it was a lame show. (Stop cursing me BBT lovers and keep reading)

Then, a friend of mine suggested me to watch it with a rational mindset. Guess what?..  it worked! 😀 The show after the first two episodes felt good and Sheldon Cooper, god, he’s awesome. Slowly, it crept so deep into me, that I ended up watching three seasons straight and boy, wasn’t that fun!


Now, i know there’s nothing creative in this blog, and I also do know that it is written in a very disorganised manner, but still, I had to tell it to someone. And telling my friends that i started watching the show would make me look like i am from the primitive era. Hence, i shared it on my blog, because i am so very sure that no one reads it! 😀

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