Online shopping- An addiction of its kind

Online shopping, since its inception has turned the world up-side-down (atleast in my case). I was never a person who was into shopping, lungs in my air and loads of food in my stomach was more than enough to keep me going. Then, I joined a job, got some cash on my debit card, and came across a thing called online shopping, on which I have wasted more than 70 percent of my 6 months salary! Strange isn’t it?!

The flipkart Monster! Not that i dont like it, just that i am spending too much money on it!
The flipkart Monster! Not that i dont like it, just that i am spending too much money on it!

It’s become very weird for my friends. A guy who normally never spoke anything apart from food and porn at times, has now started talking about online deals. Often, this has led to awkward straight-face encounters with my friends.

It’s amazing how these people trick you! The reason you shop is because you do not have to go outside, waste time and shop. It is available (as they say for anything and everything related to the computer) at just a CLICK! 😀

You are going through random websites, you come across an advertisement that is giving you headphones at a 20 percent discount. These discount boards on the road do not affect you much, but they play havoc on the system. Suddenly you realize that a need for getting those headphones is created in you. (Despite have 4 pairs already). You also realize subsequently that you have money in you account. Bang Bang bidum bum bhush! You buy them!

Monster number 2 :p
Monster number 2 :p

A peaceful day where you were at home, browsing the net with no intentions of spending your money, you end up spending it. This is what online shopping is all about!

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