Acting isn’t great shakes, but moves perfect! (ABCD review)

Well, if you thought Indians imported only Pizzas and Burgers from the west, you got that wrong. Off late, we have started importing the dance culture as well and ‘ABCD’ stands as a prime example of that. The movie is about a dance teacher called Shiva (Prabhudeva) who has to back out from a leading dance school owing to ideological clashes with the owner named Jahangir (KK Menon).

Post-split up with Jahangir, Shiva reaches out for an old friend (Ganesh Acharya) and meets a bunch of youngsters who are passionate about dance. Shiva decides to revive his lost glory by training the youngsters to participate in a dance show called ‘Dance Dil se’. The dance crew, from here, goes though many crests and troughs before taking on the Jahangir’s group in the grand finale.

A still from the Hollywood flick Step up.
A still from the Hollywood flick Step up.

The story, a complete rip off of Hollywood’s ‘Step Up’, with an India tadka to it, is pretty mediocre. Remo D’souza failed to learn lessons from his previous flick ‘FALTU’ and stuck to a very predictable storyline. The message of ‘Dance is life’ fails to strike rights chords with everyone.

The biggest undoing of the film is the performances of the lead cast and it was on the expected lines since most of them are contestants from dance reality shows. Every time you thought you are starting to like the film, Prabhudeva jumps in with his typically ‘LollaKutty Hindi accent’. This adds an element of unintended comedy to the film, even in the most serious parts. The only shining beacon of the film in terms of acting was KK Menon, who does more than his bit to the role.

The biggest positive of the film are the well-choreographed dance sequences. Well, that’s bound to happen when the cream of the country’s dance industry is put together in one single film. From the concepts of dance, to the execution, you could not locate a single error.

Also, what gave another angle to the dances was the constant use of Maharashtra’s favourite, Lord Ganpati. Whenever the chips are down, the Elephant God descends into the dance of the participants to save them. But the icing on the cake was the guest appearance of Saroj Khan towards the end.

The poster of ABCD.
The poster of ABCD.

Talking about music, where there’s good dance, good music follows, and the film scores over here. Brilliant background score and amazing songs compliment the dance sequences very well. Music directors, Sachin-Jigar, manage to leave the crowds humming the tunes of ‘Psycho re’ and ‘Be zubaan’ even after they vacate the screens.

On the whole, it’s a must watch film if you are a dance lover, and for the others, it’s a good one time watch.

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