My encounter with a ghost

Being an atheist has many advantages. One of them is when you’re jerking off, you can be sure that no one’s watching you. Unless you’re doing it in a crowded bus. Because that’s not how it works. There are somethings atheism can’t hide, for every thing else there’s master card.

But no one really talks about the downside to atheism. The fact that you don’t believe in god comes with a few terms and conditions. And one of them is you have to believe that there are no ghosts too – which, I think is messed up.


Because it is human nature to be afraid of the dark. Or at least it is my nature. And I freak out in the dark. But what freaks me out more than the idea of ghosts is my defense mechanism.

Let’s say its 3 am in the night (which allegedly is the Satan’s time). I’m just doing some random stuff on my computer. I see a movement on the corner of my eye. Now lets assume it is a ghost that moved. Obviously that is scary.

But my defense mechanism to that is to not look in the direction of the ghost. That’s right. I think not looking at it will protect me from it. Its a good thing I’m not in the army.

Major: ‘Soldier, the Pakistanis are coming.’

Me: ‘I have an excellent idea. A strategy that’ll win us the war.’

Major: ‘Go ahead. What is it?’

Me: ‘Let’s not look at them.’

Major: …..

Me: ….

Major: ….

Me: …

Times of India’s first page next day: ‘Army major shoots his own soldier.’

And here’s the messed up part. I know this isn’t helping. I know the ghost might still come and kill me. But I still do keep doing this.

Even the ghost must be like ‘What a fucktard!’

The moral of the story is face your fears. Because if you don’t, then you won’t see it coming.


2 thoughts on “My encounter with a ghost

  1. danielwalldammit March 19, 2016 / 3:52 am

    I don’t know that being an atheist means you can’t believe in ghosts. Some of the values which lead to atheism (e.g. rationalism, skepticism, support for scientific methodology, etc.) typically do also mean we reject ghost stories and other claims commonly lumped in with supernatural phenomena. But simply being an atheist doesn’t in and of itself commit you to that position.

    More importantly, I think you should feel free to explore whatever it is you think you saw wherever you think the evidence takes you. I would be open to the possibility that the fear that you mention may be the source of your perception, or perhaps some other aspect of imagination, etc. It might also be that you can find no adequate explanation for it, which is fine to. There is nothing wrong with leaving a question mark on an experience like that. No atheist pope is going to excommunicate you for that. …and if one tries, I hope you have a good laugh at his expense.

    • Bhavneet Singh March 19, 2016 / 4:08 am

      The explanation is certainly convincing Daniel. And I am certain that ghosts don’t exist. But there are times when the ‘maybe’ creeps in.
      However, this blog was just aimed to be humorous. The existence/non-existence of ghosts isn’t something that bothers me or plays a part in my life.
      Really works pretty well you know, not having an atheist pope. 😀

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