Excel sheet

I like people.

Partially because I am one of them. But then there is some sort of a segregation in my head.

In my head, there are certain attributes to every person. I have ranked them either better or worse than me in various attributes like smartness, social skills, looks blah blah. This is a very personal thing just for my reference.

Now in my head, there is an excel sheet where all these attributes are calculated and a final over all chart of who is above me and who is below me is created.

Mind you, I do not impose this chart with people or let this effect my behavior with them.

But it is when people who are below me (strictly in my radar) come and advice me on how to live my life and how to go about things, it sets me off.

Again, in their head, I might be below them (if they have a mind complex enough to create an excel sheet in their head). But then that doesn’t give you the right to fuck around with my head/life/porn websites.

Yup. Feel better now.


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