It’s a cycle!

Fuck yeah, it IS A CYCLE!

You see, when shit is going down, you think it is the end of the world.

Well guess what? It isn’t. It is just a cycle. That entire feeling of the pre shit going down era comes back to you.

But it does, only if you live long enough to outlive that shitty feeling.

And trust me, if you end up out living that feel, it all starts from scratch. That ‘first everything’ returns. That sweet smell in the air. Them little red hearts flying everywhere. Well not the last part literally, that’d be gross.

But seriously, shit does go down, and how!

I always thought it was a hoax. There is no end to the tunnel. In fact, I was pretty sure this is a propaganda that things get better.

I have never been more wrong in my entire life put together.

Guess it is time to buckle up, get ready and head out into the horizon!

Because you know what they say, …… I’m not saying it. You know it already!

Wha? Yes that’s it! Okay bye! 😀

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