Can it get worse?


I’m not a feminist. If ever, humans would be classified into things, feminism would be the last attribute in me.

But it disgusts me. Our society. When I say our, I mean our Indian society. I’m not above it. I am a part of it. And I feel ashamed.

If you think about it, in India, as a man, you don’t need to be worried about getting married. Because somewhere out there, there is a girl’s family who are ready to pay you an amount of money to take their daughter away and enslave her.

All this because you were born with a dick. Cha!

Women are human beings, not chickens!

But it isn’t the dowry system that scares me. As the recent developments have proved, while the world is moving forward, we’re going backward.

My biggest worry is, can it get worse?!


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