A Feeling Called YOU

She is awesome. I’ve been trying to put this into words for a long long time, but look how easily Nausheen has done it!

Biryani People

A feeling that had to die
A feeling that was killed, a feeling I will never again come by
A feeling that felt so true, but was always a lie
A beautiful lie that was worth the try
A feeling that made me blush, made me feel shy
A feeling that gave me wings and helped me fly
Many a times I stopped and wondered if on this feeling I could rely
And always my heart gave me a positive reply
But this feeling had to go and I don’t know why
And as it flew away, it made me hollow & dry
As it left, it made me cry
A feeling that got both, tears and sparkles in my eye
A feeling that left no answer as it bid goodbye

Such was a feeling called YOU ❤

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