Drift # 2 – Crush

Don’t even ask me why this is here.

Ever wondered why a crush is called a crush?

I don’t know about normal people, but to an idiot like me, the only thing a crush reminds me of is a Pepsi can.

Okay, why?

Because it says ‘Crush’ after use. Yeah, that stuck to my head.

The drift here is based on that.

A crush is like a Pepsi in the can.


One, both look amazing from a distance.

Two, both are bad for health.

Three, if you are having it for too long, the ‘fizz’ runs out. (See what I did there? Fizz? :p )

Four, you can never survive on both for your entire life.

And finally five, both are dumped and forgotten after a while.


See the connection? 😀

If you don’t, well then buck up. Be creative.

Because the smarter you become, the harsher realities are. Be retarded, the rest shall follow! (Too much gyan for a day!)

Until next time, Tchao!


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