It’s that simple. Huh!

Trust. It is a very big word. Not many understand what it means till they actually trust someone. And when it breaks, huh, you never have anymore left to trust anyone ever again.

You believe, you’ve found that one special person. That one, who you think you can spend your entire life with.

Yes, the happily ever after thingy.

You give them your all. Your heart, your soul. You TRUST them. You open your life to them.

You make them a part of you. Every beat, every breath, you may not think of them, but they are there. Somewhere in the back of your head.

If you’re low, they console you. If you’re high, well they get you home. :p Nah kidding, if you’re high, they celebrate with you.

You do the same. Anything, to bring a smile.

All of a sudden, there are cracks. Some problems, like always.

And you get the whole ‘I don’t think I love you anymore’ shit.

Deep down, you break into a million power million pieces.

Insecurity creeps in. Whatever happened to rational thinking there. You go bizzerk.

Like the drowning man, who will do anything to keep himself alive.

But nope. She has decided. You aren’t the one. 😀

WOW! FUCKEN AWESOME! Isn’t it?! All of a sudden, you aren’t the one.

just hours back, you meant the world to her, now she thinks it isn’t working.

Desperation creeps in. You will do anything to keep it alive. You know why? You were into it.

But nope. She’s bored/found someone/she thinks you’re an asshole (and realises that after so long).

Eventually, you are rejected.

You become the person you never were. Irritated, cranky. And she’s responsible for it, but owes nothing to you. You know why?! You fucken loved her once.

While every part of you dies. Cell by cell. You have nothing that you can possibly do. Apart from break down. Give in. And go into a deep dark abyss, which you never thought you will ever be in. Because you trusted her.

But this is for you. For her, it was just a snap! Knack! And out you go!

It’s that simple huh!




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