When Chotu Speaks

Okay for those of you who do not know, Chotu is Pratap Pranay. He is a psycho short kid, who has an extra ordinary history of being dumped. Doesn’t come across as a person who can write well. But then, he is a damn good writer. In no way am I telling he can work. But he writes well. And is known to most of us for the wrong reasons. Ahem Ahem. Let’s not do this, or shall we? :p

Haha, so this kid is a good writer/poet/dumped kid/chotu/ Marvel fan/ regular mastubater (as per sources) and most of all, a dear friend. The category ‘When Chotu speaks’, is purely what he writes/what i hear from him. This is because I think it is entertaining.

I feel like a director launching a new kid. lel. :p

So here it is, ‘When Chotu Speaks’.

Typical Madu, Isn't he? That's him! :p
Typical Madu, Isn’t he? That’s him! :p

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