Musical Puberty

Yes, you read it right, the title is musical puberty. This is a stage most of us have been through. The others, well, they’re yet to grow up.

Every kind of music, every genre, every language has classics. Classics here do not necessarily imply the music of the oldies. It refers to music that is real. It is music that feels like music. It is music that has a feel behind it. It also is music which is way more than beats. It is music, that connects right at the part, which scientists believe just pumps blood. (The heart for the retards. My blog is dumb-fuck friendly :p)


Musical puberty refers to the process of a kid becoming an adult, musically. When they grow over beats, when the music they listen to is actually music. Not just shit produced on a computer. The ‘Step up’ guys, I believe are yet to grow up. Fuck yeah, I hate you’ll. :p Coming back, musical puberty is when people move from ‘Linkin Park’ to AC/DC, when people move from Preetam to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, when people move from ‘One Direction’ to The Eagles.

And god has not been kind to the world in this aspect, because we still have many retards around us, who are yet to attain musical puberty. (Pitbull lovers, you’ll included). 😀

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