Music, it is one of the best things to have happened to human kind. This blog isn’t about anything in specific. Neither is it related to any kind of event. It is just random thoughts that occurred to me while listening to a song. So, if you’re expecting something mind blowing in the blog, well, stop right here! 😀

Music, as i have learnt is one thing that remains with us throughout. Unless you’re dumb, in every sense of the word, you are hooked to music knowingly or unknowingly at some point or the other. Be it the Ghazals of Jagjit singh or the loud base guitar of Metallica, the slow beats of a Hindi classic or a Devi Sri Prasad chart buster, music simply is out of the world.

Something that i found on Google! :/
Something that i found on Google! :/

When i say music, I’ll keep out the contemporary forms of music , which include Dubstep, trance, house blah blah blah! Yup, all that is crap. All that is manufactured on the computer, so it is rubbish. And if you disagree with me, haha! keep commenting, this is my blog! :p I decide the rules here. B-)

So, coming back to the point, music apparently is one of the very few human activity which involves the use of the entire brain. Technically, you’re at your best while listening to music. Also, a study has proven that listening to music while work can improve productivity. Unless, ofcourse it is a call centre. It can be hazardous there! :p

So, what’s the point of the blog? I have no clue. But one thing is for certain, Music is kickass and there’s no denying it! 😀 Jai Hind!

Why are you still reading?! It is over! There’s nothing in it. Try reading it a million times and still you won’t find a piece that makes sense! :p

Seriously! :p
Seriously! :p

Dear lord! My blog is as annoying and irritating as I am! 😀

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