A ‘3G’ network that doesn’t connect

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan

Director: Shantanu and Sheershak

Rating: 1 star

A guy with limited means who is has loads of money to spend vacations in Fiji, a hot girl who likes showing off her body, abrupt cuts, unnecessary songs, an unbranded phone that keeps ringing all the time and background music that is out of place is what summarises duo-directors Shantanu and Sheershak’s two-hour long film, 3G.

The story revolves around the life of a guy named Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and his girlfriend Sheena (Sonal Chauhan). Both of them are out spending a nice little holiday in Fiji when Sam loses his phone and wants to buy another one. He picks up a second hand phone from a local shop and that’s where the problems start kicking in.

The phone starts ringing in the night and a video of a girl starts playing. After this,
Sam starts sighting ghosts and hears loud noises out of nowhere. Bewildered by this, he tries to get help from his girlfriend Sheena, who thinks all this is just a prank and prefers ignoring it.

The calls keep coming and this time with a different video clipping that shows an unknown girl being beaten up and eventually getting killed. As all this is happening, Sam starts changing. Every time the phone rings, the innocent and caring Sam turns into a stud that smokes and applies mascara to give the abnormal look. The director picks up many sequences from the Hollywood flick ‘Paranormal activity’ and uses them to no effect.

The poster looks more interesting!
The poster looks more interesting!

Sam tries to get rid of the phone in every way possible. But some loyal and sincere person brings back the phone for him. I don’t know if it helped the plot of the film, but it certainly has done a lot to lift the image of Fiji, with so many innocent souls around.

The phone becomes a part of Sam’s life and the calls from the unknown number keep flowing. Frustrated with all these problems, Sam decides to get to the previous owner of the shop. The second half of the film gets even more disappointing with the introduction of the ‘Goth cult’ and ancient Greek tattoos. Sam, in his quest to find the owner of the phone, has to battle the changes that occur in him every time the phone rings.

The ringtone of the phone is intended to scare the audience; instead it ends up giving all of us a very bad headache. The quest, after loads of twists and turns (which are mostly ineffective), leads to an answer on who the girl in the video is. What happens next is very predictable and we would not like spoil the fun for you (if there is any).

The plot of the film is undoubtedly the worst this year, and I am sure it will cling on to this title for many years to come. The random cuts are very irritating and are capable of throwing the most patient film viewer out of track. The directors tried to adapt a ‘hit-hit’ formula for the film by throwing songs at foreign locations, a hot heroine and many love making scenes. But it is a complete disaster when it comes to the arrangement of these scenes.

The Goth cult and the Greek symbols are not at all connected to the story and the songs aren’t that great. The actors did a decent job. While Neil Nitin Mukesh tries his best to give us an Indian Edward Cullen, Sonal Chauhan also plays the part of a terrified girlfriend very well.

The concept is a very good one but the script fails to do justice to it. The only thing that is worth watching in the film is the locations. Fiji is a beautiful country and this film might help them pick up on some tourist business from India.

This film does not have enough to keep you sitting for 2 long hours. I will go for a 1 star for this 3G network that fails to connect.

Thumbs up: Locations, acting to an extent

Thumbs down: Everything apart from locations and acting

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