Dance ‘battles’- ROFLMAO

Not even the two world wars put together have done as much damage to the world as this stupid ‘Step Up series’ has done. It’s weird when I see people in the kiosk of my canteen dancing aimlessly.

The scene looks very funny. Let me try and give you an idea of how it all looks. There is a group of people who stand in a circle, and are clapping rigorously for reasons unknown to majority of mankind. Then, right in the center of the circle is a person who is jumping, trying to stand on his head, or a hand, or is trying to act like a ‘nigga’ which I am sure he is not! Then suddenly there a loud cheer that comes out from the group. The achievement is that the person successfully jumped, in a manner which is considered to be ‘cool’, ‘sexy’ and ‘awesome’ at the same time.

Yeah, something like this! :D
Yeah, something like this! 😀

This is taken to the next level when people from two different groups have sent in one goat each for a so called battle. This definition of battle by the niggas has I am sure left some great emperors rolling in their grave.

Phew! What is wrong with the world?! Or rather is something wrong with me?! Who cares? Its my blog. I am the judge, the verdict is they’re wrong. Case dismissed! 😀

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