The Vespa is back!






Vespa started in 1945 and created many great models that came to India; most recently the introduction of its 100cc bikes. But after manufacturers like Honda, TVS and Mahindra swamped the market with efficient, low-cost two-wheelers, the scooter market crashed. But just when you thought Vespa was extinct, it has come back, and in style.

The all-new Vespa offers a vintage look at a time when every other vehicle in the city is doind the sleek, modern look to death. The scooter looks outstanding. Available in six colours — yellow, white, cherry red, brown, midnight blue and black, it is a show-stealer on the road. Sporting an Italian design that mixes classic and modern Vespa themes it really does catch the eye. The three-spoke alloy-finish wheels add to its class. The trademark headlamp and unique foot-board strips hark to a more innocent time, before the rat race. On the whole, it scores full marks on looks.

It has a standard 125cc engine, which can deliver a maximum power of 10.06PS@7500 RPM. The engine has a continuous variable transmission. It has a self-start as well as a kick-start option to add to its vintage look. The suspension is on a single-side trailing arm in the front and has dual-effect hydraulic shock absorbers. The bike has a good body balance and is not as heavy as it looks.

It also has a full Monocoque steel frame. The bike has a huge storage space under the seats and also glove storage in the front. The total fuel tank capacity is eight litres. The company also promises a mileage of 50-55 km/l after its three services are completed. This pretty good for our city slickers.

The additional features of this vehicle include the easy-to-mount centre stand, an auto-return side-stand, an electronic clock and broad and long comfortable seats.

This wonder from Vespa is priced at `78,000 (on-road price inclusive of all accessories) which is a bit on the expensive side. But considering the looks and the style it offers, it is worth the price.

While the Vespa, due to its price and retro looks might not knock the big boys off their per­ch, it will certainly be top of wish-lists among the City’s tren­dy set. Who said our parents’ ve­hicles didn’t have a ‘cool factor’.

Why you should invest in a Vespa

  • The style and the looks of the bike are totally different from others. It promises a vintage look.
  • You have an option of choosing between 6 unique colors which are not available with any other company.
  • The fuel tank capacity is of 8 litres which is way more than Honda Activa and Suzuki Access.
  • It promises a mileage of 55-60 kmpl which is much better than many other vehicles in the city.
  • The waiting period of Activa and Access is of 3 months whereas this comes to you in just a month.
  • The storage compartment under the seat in this bike is bigger and better than the others.

The Specs

Engine: 4 stroke, 3 valve Cylinder, air cooled.

Displacement: 125CC

Dimension (LxBxH): 1770x690x1140 (mm)

Seat height: 770mm

Mileage: 55-60 kmpl

Fuel Tank capacity: 8 litres

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