She’s dying, do we care?

Going green is the new mantra in urban India. But if everyone cared, there wouldn’t have been the need for such a movement in the first place. 


Tigers are going extinct, lakes across the world are drying up, ice in the Antarctic is melting but how does it even affect us. Do we really care? Even if we say we do, in what way do we contribute to protect it? Liking ‘Save the Earth’ page on Facebook hardly counts. But is that all we are doing and want to be doing?

Sourav Barua, a commerce student from Bhavans is the first to admit environmental degradation scores low on the list of worries in the world. “I don’t really care about the environment. It is like patriotism; comes only on Independence Day and Republic Day. If there is a marathon for saving Hussain Sagar, most of the students only go there to check out the guys and girls or to have fun. No one gives a damn!”

Echoing the sentiments of many of her peers is Sashwatha Sridhar, a student from St. Francis. “What’s the point if I stop using my bike or car or using plastics or littering the roads? The whole world does it. So why shouldn’t I ? I sacrifice my comfort and get what in return? The same pollution and the same dirty roads.” She then adds, “I know this attitude will not make our planet cleaner and better, but I am no great soul to give up on my comforts to saving the world.

Suraj Poolakkil a fellow student is equally, and brutally, honest. “I’m going to die in the next 40-50 years any way. I don’t really care what happens to the Earth after that. I’m sure that things won’t get worse till I die.” “It’s not that I didn’t try doing something. I did try. But every time I did something good, someone else ruined it. So there’s no point in slogging it out,” he added.

While indifference and self-interest might be the prevailing sentiment, there is, fortunately, still people who care for the future of the planet and doing their bit for its betterment. Gandharv Anand happens to be one of them. “It’s pathetic. I feel ashamed to call myself a part of this generation. All we do in life is to eat, sleep, booze and Facebook. We have become so selfish that all we care for is ourselves.”

On asking him about what he does to save the environment, “Come down to Sainikpuri and you’ll know what we do!

Our area is clean and green. This is because we took up several clean and green initiatives to make the area better. I hope the others will do the same,” adds a hopeful Gandharv.

So from what we could gather, most of the environment friendly walks and initiatives are just a part of Gen-X’s socialisation. Environment is the last thing in their priority list.

There are very few people who actually care about the environment and even they are losing hope.

If this attitude isn’t changed now, then our tomorrow looks dark. Seas will no longer be blue, trees would only be seen in books, sky would hardly be visible. Not to mention, water and food wars will be on the rise and our kids would have to face it all for no mistake of theirs. So, let’s wake up before it’s too late!

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