Roaming the highways


The frustration of routine jobs, the struggles with packing, the rush to the station all fades away when the first breath of fresh air hits you on the highway. I’m talking about journeying by bus. I bring to you India from the road.

Most of us would be annoyed at the sight of rickety buses and the sound of blaring horns but if you were to travel by them, the sight feels more welcome than ever. Though not as fast as trains or aircrafts, they do offer some solace from the noisy train and much more economical when compared to the soaring flight rates. Along with being calm and affordable, these buses promise you a ride across different landscapes. Here’s a list of bus journeys that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Mohali to Kullu valley

Buses are readily available on th­is route. The comfort level of the buses depends on how much you are willing to pay. But this is one journey you wouldn’t want to mi­­ss. It kicks off with the smoo­th ro­ads of Mohali in Chandi­ga­rh and enters the highway. It pas­ses through the lush green fields of Himachal Pradesh and finally enters the Kullu valley. The sight of the mountains looming above is truly awe-inspiring. As you mo­ve on, slowly you can feel the chill set in. It is perfect for those who would like to savour the del­i­ghts of the valley without forsa­king the charms of this quaint town.

Chennai to Kodaikanal

Crowded Chennai streets and the sultry climate might haunt you initially but it would become better with time. Once out of the city, the bus gathers speed and the landscape becomes better. Dindigul is the stop where you can treat yourself to yummy south Indian delights. The prices are moderate and the taste, well it is fantastic. One thing that we suggest you to do is not take an A/C bus here, because to feel this place, you have to feel the air! No pollution, not even a speck of it in the air.

Cochin to Munnar

Journey from Cochin to Munnar (the highest city in South India.) Unlike Chennai to Kodaikanal, you have better roads, and faster traffic. If you are coming from crowded cities to take this journey, you will realise how much you were missing in the metropolitans. The temperatures always low, and chances of rainfall all the time would be the characteristic feature of this trip. The hilly terrain adds to the thrill of the journey and if you are travelling in winter, then fog is one thing you would have to fight. The landscape here comprises of a couple of waterfalls, tea gardens, and loads of greenery. You might just be teleported to the Avatar world.

Diu to Dwarka

If you thought that the best bus journeys can only be on the hills, then the next journey on our list might just surprise you. It is in the land of Gandhi, Modi and of course, Dhoklas! This journey commences in Diu and goes upto Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s home town. Now, the speciality of this journey (apart from dhoklas of course) is that the entire stretch is along the seashore. So, as your bus speeds on National Highway 52E, you would get a clear view of the Arabian Sea. Expecting to see dolphins might be too optimistic though! The journey would be a memorable one and definitely deserves a place in the top five.

Udaipur to Jaipur

Last on the list is the ride through the Deserts of Rajasthan. This journey from Udaipur to Jaipur surely is different from all the bus journeys listed up there. The mountains here are replaced by sand dunes, and the sweaters find a place in the bag. The temperature as expected is on the higher side and the

road is lined with small villages, a few temples and also forts. For once, you would think of the Arabian Nights as this place matches the description in the book. This six-hour bus journey gives you the flavour of Rajasthan. And if delicacies like ‘Dal Bhati Churma’ and ‘lal mass’ await you on the other end, then the journey becomes memorable automatically!

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